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tUnE-yArDs 'Hypnotized' music video Hypnotized (2021) Director: Tee Ken Ng
tUnE-yArDs 'Hold Yourself.' music video Hold Yourself. (2021) Director: Diego Huacuja T.
Production Company: Obsidian
tUnE-yArDs 'Nowhere, Man' music video Nowhere, Man (2020)
tUnE-yArDs 'Honesty' music video Honesty (2018) Director: Susan Janow
tUnE-yArDs 'Heart Attack' music video Heart Attack (2018) Director: Mimi Cave
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
tUnE-yArDs 'ABC 123' music video ABC 123 (2017) Director: Dear Mr Quistgaard
tUnE-yArDs 'Look at Your Hands' music video Look at Your Hands (2017) Director: Michael Speed
tUnE-yArDs 'Rocking Chair' music video Rocking Chair (2015) Director: Sarah Pupo
tUnE-yArDs 'Wait For A Minute' music video Wait For A Minute (2015) Director: SNEAL
tUnE-yArDs 'Real Thing' music video Real Thing (2014) Director: Tom Jobbins
Production Company: Pulse Films
tUnE-yArDs 'Water Fountain' music video Water Fountain (2014) Director: Joel Kefali
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
tUnE-yArDs 'My Country' music video My Country (2012) Director: Mimi Cave
tUnE-yArDs 'Bizness' music video Bizness (2011) Director: Mimi Cave
tUnE-yArDs 'Gangsta' music video Gangsta (2011) Director: Merrill Garbus
tUnE-yArDs 'Real Live Flesh' music video Real Live Flesh (2010) Director: Merrill Garbus
tUnE-yArDs 'Fiya' music video Fiya Director: Eli Stonberg
tUnE-yArDs 'Hatari' music video Hatari Director: Eli Stonberg

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