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Foxes 'Love Not Loving You' music video Love Not Loving You (2020)
Director: Rauri Cantelo
Production Company: LH Productions
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 'Little Thing Gone Wild' music video Little Thing Gone Wild (2018)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Director: Giorgio Testi
Production Companies: Pulse Films, Bear Film
Editors 'Marching Orders' music video Marching Orders (2015)
Director: Rahi Rezvani
Róisín Murphy 'Evil Eyes' music video Evil Eyes (2015)
Róisín Murphy
Director: Róisín Murphy
Editors 'No Harm' music video No Harm (2015)
Director: Rahi Rezvani
Blood Red Shoes 'Speech Coma' music video Speech Coma (2014)
Blood Red Shoes
Production Company: Burning Reel
Director: Brian and Karl
Champs 'St. Peter's' music video St. Peter's (2014)
Director: J.A.C.K
Production Company: Wanda
Vitalic 'Fade Away' music video Fade Away (2013)
Director: Romain Chassaing
Production Company: Solab
Placebo 'Bright Lights' music video Bright Lights (2010)
Director: Heroes For Zeroes
Kano (6) 'Upside' music video Upside (2010)
Kano (6)
Director: Henry Scholfield
Production Company: Partizan
Agnes Obel 'Riverside' music video Riverside (2010)
Agnes Obel
Placebo 'The Never-Ending Why' music video The Never-Ending Why (2009)
Director: Champagne Valentine
Placebo 'Ashtray Heart' music video Ashtray Heart (2009)
Director: Rob Chandler
Placebo 'For What It's Worth' music video For What It's Worth (2009)
Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Production Company: Crossroads Films
Mogwai 'Friend of the Night' music video Friend of the Night (2006)
Director: Woof Wan-Bau
Production Company: Nexus Productions
Sigur Rós 'Svefn-g-englar' music video Svefn-g-englar (1999)
Sigur Rós
Director: August Jacobsson

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