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The Used 'Cry' music video Cry (2014) Director: Gus Black
Production Companies: Frames Per Second, RW Media
The Used 'Thought Criminal' music video Thought Criminal (2013)
The Used 'Iddy Biddy' music video Iddy Biddy (2013)
The Used 'Hands And Faces' music video Hands And Faces (2013) Production Company: Anthem Films
Director: DJay Brawner
The Used 'The Ocean Of The Sky' music video The Ocean Of The Sky (2013)
The Used 'Quixotica' music video Quixotica (2013)
The Used 'Put Me Out' music video Put Me Out (2012) Director: Justin Potter
The Used 'I Come Alive' music video I Come Alive (2012) Director: Aaron Hymes
The Used 'Empty With You' music video Empty With You (2009) Director: Nate Weaver
Production Company: Symphony 19
The Used 'Blood On My Hands' music video Blood On My Hands (2009) Director: Lisa Mann
Production Company: Symphony 19
The Used 'Pretty Handsome Awkward' music video Pretty Handsome Awkward (2007) Director: Lisa Mann
Production Company: Revolver Films
The Used 'Paralyzed' music video Paralyzed (2007) Director: Zero Friends
The Used 'The Bird And The Worm' music video The Bird And The Worm (2007) Director: Lisa Mann
The Used 'Take It Away' music video Take It Away (2006) Director: Motion Theory
The Used 'All That I've Got' music video All That I've Got (2006) Director: Marc Webb
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
The Used 'I Caught Fire' music video I Caught Fire (2005) Director: Kevin Kerslake
Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
The Used 'Buried Myself Alive' music video Buried Myself Alive (2003) Director: Arni & Kinski
The Used 'The Taste of Ink' music video The Taste of Ink (2002) Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: The Malloys
The Used 'A Box Full of Sharp Objects' music video A Box Full of Sharp Objects (2002) Director: John Feldmann

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