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Rise Against 'The Numbers' music video The Numbers (2021) Director: INDECLINE
Production Company: INDECLINE
Rise Against 'I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore' music video I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore (2014) Production Company: Rocket In My Pocket
Director: Nico Sabenorio
Rise Against 'Satellite' music video Satellite (2011) Director: Marc Klasfeld
Rise Against 'Make It Stop (September's Children)' music video Make It Stop (September's Children) (2011) Director: Marc Klasfeld
Production Company: Rockhard
Rise Against 'Help Is On The Way' music video Help Is On The Way (2011) Director: Alan Ferguson
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Rise Against 'Hero of War' music video Hero of War (2009) Directors: Meiert Avis, Jason Lehel
Production Company: Pusher Media
Rise Against 'Prayer Of The Refugee' music video Prayer Of The Refugee (2009) Director: Tony Petrossian
Rise Against 'Good Left Undone' music video Good Left Undone (2007) Directors: Nabil, John Pina
Production Company: Partizan
Rise Against 'Ready to Fall' music video Ready to Fall (2006) Director: Kevin Kerslake
Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
Rise Against 'Give It All' music video Give It All (2004) Director: James Cox

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