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Simple Minds 'Honest Town' music video Honest Town (2014) Director: Giorgio Testi
Simple Minds 'Rockets' music video Rockets (2009)
Simple Minds 'Home' music video Home (2005) Director: Andy Roberts
Production Company: Believe Media
Simple Minds 'Cry' music video Cry (2002) Director: The Snorri Brothers
Simple Minds 'Dancing Barefoot' music video Dancing Barefoot (2001) Production Company: Godman
Simple Minds 'Glitterball' music video Glitterball (1998) Directors: Andy Earl, Stuart Mackenzie (2)
Production Company: Lumière Brothers
Simple Minds 'War Babies' music video War Babies (1998) Director: Michael Geoghegan
Simple Minds 'Hypnotised' music video Hypnotised (1995) Director: W.I.Z.
Simple Minds 'She's A River' music video She's A River (1995) Director: Kevin Kerslake
Simple Minds 'See The Lights' music video See The Lights (1991)
Simple Minds 'Real Life' music video Real Life (1991)
Simple Minds 'Let There Be Love' music video Let There Be Love (1991) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'Stand By Love' music video Stand By Love (1991) Director: Nigel Dick
Simple Minds 'Kick It In' music video Kick It In (1989) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'Sign O The Times' music video Sign O The Times (1989) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'Belfast Child' music video Belfast Child (1989) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'This Is Your Land' music video This Is Your Land (1989) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'Let It All Come Down' music video Let It All Come Down (1989)
Simple Minds 'Mandela Day' music video Mandela Day (1989) Director: Andy Morahan
Simple Minds 'Sanctify Yourself' music video Sanctify Yourself (1986) Directors: Keith MacMillan, John Weaver
Simple Minds 'All The Things She Said' music video All The Things She Said (1986) Director: Zbigniew Rybczy?ski
Simple Minds 'Alive And Kicking' music video Alive And Kicking (1985) Director: Zbigniew Rybczy?ski
Simple Minds 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' music video Don't You (Forget About Me) (1985) Director: Daniel Kleinman
Simple Minds 'Up On The Catwalk' music video Up On The Catwalk (1984)
Simple Minds 'Speed Your Love To Me' music video Speed Your Love To Me (1984)
Simple Minds 'Promised You A Miracle' music video Promised You A Miracle (1982)
Simple Minds 'Glittering Prize' music video Glittering Prize (1982)
Simple Minds 'Love Song' music video Love Song (1981)
Simple Minds 'Sweat In Bullet' music video Sweat In Bullet (1981)
Simple Minds 'Chelsea Girl' music video Chelsea Girl (1979)

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