Music Videos Released in 1982 (236)

Prince '1999' music video

1999 (1982)


U2 'A Celebration' music video

A Celebration (1982)


Toto 'Africa' music video

Africa (1982)


Director: Steve Barron

Thomas Dolby 'Airwaves' music video

Airwaves (1982)

Thomas Dolby

XTC 'All of A Sudden (It's Too Late)' music video

All of A Sudden (It's Too Late) (1982)


Billy Joel 'Allentown' music video

Allentown (1982)

Billy Joel

Buster Poindexter 'Animals Medley: We Gotta Get Out of This Place / Don't Bring Me Down / It's My Life' music video

Animals Medley: We Gotta Get Out of This Place / Don't Bring Me Down / It's My Life (1982)

Buster Poindexter

Kid Creole & The Coconuts 'Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy' music video

Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy (1982)

Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Pat Benatar 'Anxiety (Get Nervous)' music video

Anxiety (Get Nervous) (1982)

Pat Benatar

Falco 'Auf der Flucht' music video

Auf der Flucht (Version 2) (1982)


Prince 'Automatic' music video

Automatic (1982)


Lime 'Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight' music video

Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight (1982)


XTC 'Ball and Chain' music video

Ball and Chain (1982)


Elton John 'Ball and Chain' music video

Ball and Chain (1982)

Elton John

Jefferson Starship 'Be My Lady' music video

Be My Lady (1982)

Jefferson Starship

Michael Jackson 'Beat It' music video

Beat It (1982)

Michael Jackson

Director: Bob Giraldi

Michael Jackson 'Billie Jean' music video

Billie Jean (1982)

Michael Jackson

Director: Steve Barron

Squeeze 'Black Coffee In Bed' music video

Black Coffee In Bed (1982)


Elton John 'Blue Eyes' music video

Blue Eyes (1982)

Elton John

Queen 'Body Language' music video

Body Language (1982)


Joe Jackson 'Breaking Us in Two' music video

Breaking Us in Two (1982)

Joe Jackson

Imagination 'Burnin' Up' music video

Burnin' Up (1982)


Robert Plant 'Burning Down One Side' music video

Burning Down One Side (1982)

Robert Plant

Madness 'Cardiac Arrest' music video

Cardiac Arrest (1982)


Bananarama 'Cheers Then' music video

Cheers Then (1982)


Kim Wilde 'Child Come Away' music video

Child Come Away (1982)

Kim Wilde

Heart 'City's Burning' music video

City's Burning (1982)


The Kinks 'Come Dancing' music video

Come Dancing (1982)

The Kinks

Dexys Midnight Runners 'Come On Eileen' music video

Come On Eileen (1982)

Dexys Midnight Runners

Litfiba 'Dea del Fujiyama' music video

Dea del Fujiyama (1982)


The Police 'Demolition Man' music video

Demolition Man (1982)

The Police

Falco 'Der Kommissar' music video

Der Kommissar (1982)


After The Fire 'Der Kommissar' music video

Der Kommissar (1982)

After The Fire

Adam Ant 'Desperate But Not Serious' music video

Desperate But Not Serious (1982)

Adam Ant

Missing Persons 'Destination Unknown' music video

Destination Unknown (1982)

Missing Persons

Culture Club 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' music video

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (1982)

Culture Club

Director: Julien Temple

Kim Carnes 'Does It Make You Remember' music video

Does It Make You Remember (1982)

Kim Carnes

Yazoo 'Don't Go' music video

Don't Go (1982)


Amy Grant 'Don't Run Away' music video

Don't Run Away (1982)

Amy Grant

Rick Springfield 'Don't Talk To Strangers' music video

Don't Talk To Strangers (1982)

Rick Springfield

Madness 'Driving in My Car' music video

Driving in My Car (1982)


The Gap Band 'Early In The Morning' music video

Early In The Morning (1982)

The Gap Band

Paul McCartney 'Ebony And Ivory' music video

Ebony And Ivory (1982)

Paul McCartney

Eddy Grant 'Electric Avenue' music video

Electric Avenue (1982)

Eddy Grant

Director: Steve Barron

Madonna 'Everybody' music video

Everybody (1982)