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Staind 'Eyes Wide Open' music video Eyes Wide Open (2012)
Staind 'Not Again' music video Not Again (2011) Director: P.R. Brown
Staind 'Believe' music video Believe (2008) Director: Christopher Sims
Staind 'The Way I Am' music video The Way I Am (2008) Director: Christopher Sims
Staind 'All I Want' music video All I Want (2008) Director: Christopher Sims
Staind 'Everything Changes' music video Everything Changes (2006) Director: Mike Sloat
Staind 'Right Here' music video Right Here (2005) Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
Director: Nathan Karma Cox
Staind 'Falling' music video Falling (2005) Director: Cooper Johnson
Staind 'Right Here' music video Right Here (2005)
Staind 'Price To Play' music video Price To Play (2003) Director: The Brothers Strause
Staind 'So Far Away' music video So Far Away (2003) Director: Nigel Dick
Staind 'Epiphany' music video Epiphany (2002) Director: Fred Durst
Staind 'For You' music video For You (2001) Director: Nigel Dick
Staind 'It's Been A While' music video It's Been A While (2001) Director: Fred Durst
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Staind 'Outside' music video Outside (2001) Director: Nigel Dick
Staind 'Fade' music video Fade (2001) Director: Marcus Raboy
Staind 'Home' music video Home (2000) Director: Fred Durst
Staind 'Just Go' music video Just Go (1999) Director: Fred Durst
Staind 'Mudshovel' music video Mudshovel (1999) Director: Gregory Dark

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