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Suede 'Hit Me' music video Hit Me (2013) Director: David Barnes
Suede 'It Starts And Ends With You' music video It Starts And Ends With You (2013) Director: Giorgio Testi
Production Company: Pulse Films
Suede 'Attitude' music video Attitude (2003)
Suede 'Filmstar' music video Filmstar (2002) Director: Julian Gibbs
Suede 'She's in Fashion' music video She's in Fashion (1999) Director: Johan Renck
Suede 'Can't Get Enough' music video Can't Get Enough (1999) Director: John Hillcoat
Suede 'Electricity' music video Electricity (1999) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Suede 'Lazy' music video Lazy (1997) Director: Pedro Romhanyi
Suede 'Saturday Night' music video Saturday Night (1997) Director: Pedro Romhanyi
Suede 'Beautiful Ones' music video Beautiful Ones (1996) Director: Pedro Romhanyi
Suede 'Trash' music video Trash (1996) Director: David Mould
Suede 'Stay Together' music video Stay Together (1994) Director: Jon Klein (5)
Suede 'Wild Ones' music video Wild Ones (1994) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Suede 'We Are The Pigs' music video We Are The Pigs (1994) Directors: David Vital-Durand, Raphaël Vital-Durand
Suede 'So Young' music video So Young (1993) Directors: David Lewis, Andy Crabb
Suede 'Animal Nitrate' music video Animal Nitrate (1993) Director: Pedro Romhanyi
Suede 'The Drowners' music video The Drowners (1993) Director: Matthew Amos
Suede 'Metal Mickey' music video Metal Mickey (1992) Director: Lindy Heymann

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