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Sugababes 'Freedom' music video Freedom (2011) Director: Sean De Sparengo
Sugababes 'Wear My Kiss' music video Wear My Kiss (2010) Director: Martin Weisz
Sugababes 'Get Sexy' music video Get Sexy (2009) Director: Emil Nava
Sugababes 'Girls' music video Girls (2008) Director: Daniel Wolfe
Sugababes 'Denial' music video Denial (2008) Director: Harvey Bertram-Brown
Sugababes 'No Can Do' music video No Can Do (2008) Director: Marco Puig
Sugababes 'About You Now' music video About You Now (2007) Director: Marcus Adams
Sugababes 'Change' music video Change (2007) Director: Fatima Andrade Koehler
Sugababes 'Easy' music video Easy (2006) Director: Tim Royes
Sugababes 'Red Dress' music video Red Dress (2006) Director: Tim Royes
Sugababes 'Push The Button' music video Push The Button (2005) Director: Matthew Rolston
Sugababes 'Ugly' music video Ugly (2005) Director: Toby Tremlett
Sugababes 'Caught In A Moment' music video Caught In A Moment (2004) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Production Company: Exposure Films
Sugababes 'Too Lost In You' music video Too Lost In You (2003) Director: Andy Morahan
Sugababes 'Shape' music video Shape (2003) Directors: Michael Gracey, Pete Commins
Sugababes 'Hole In The Head' music video Hole In The Head (2003) Director: Matthew Rolston
Sugababes 'Angels With Dirty Faces' music video Angels With Dirty Faces (2002) Director: Cartoon Network Productions
Sugababes 'Round Round' music video Round Round (2002) Director: Phil Griffin
Sugababes 'Stronger' music video Stronger (2002) Director: Alison Murray
Sugababes 'Freak Like Me' music video Freak Like Me (2002) Director: Sophie Muller

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