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Tinie Tempah 'Chasing Flies' music video Chasing Flies (2017) Director: Emil Nava
Tinie Tempah 'Something Special' music video Something Special (2017)
Tinie Tempah 'Mamacita' music video Mamacita (2016)
Tinie Tempah 'Girls Like' music video Girls Like (2016)
Tinie Tempah 'Not Letting Go' music video Not Letting Go (2015) Directors: Charlie Robins, Joe Alexander
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Tinie Tempah 'Flash' music video Flash (2015)
Tinie Tempah '5 Minutes' music video 5 Minutes (2014)
Tinie Tempah 'Lover Not A Fighter' music video Lover Not A Fighter (2013) Director: Emil Nava
Production Company: Pulse Films
Tinie Tempah 'Children Of The Sun' music video Children Of The Sun (2013) Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Production Company: Rockhard
Tinie Tempah 'Trampoline' music video Trampoline (2013)
Tinie Tempah 'Disturbing L.A.' music video Disturbing L.A. (2011)
Tinie Tempah 'Wonderman' music video Wonderman (2011) Director: Robert Hales
Tinie Tempah 'Till I'm Gone' music video Till I'm Gone (2011) Director: Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: Prettybird
Tinie Tempah 'Wonderman' music video Wonderman
Tinie Tempah 'Written In The Stars' music video Written In The Stars
Tinie Tempah 'Invincible' music video Invincible
Tinie Tempah 'Pass Out' music video Pass Out

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