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Wale 'On Chill' music video On Chill (2019)
Wale 'My Love' music video My Love (2017) Director: Armen Soudjian
Wale 'Fashion Week' music video Fashion Week (2017) Director: Romain Cieutat
Production Company: Partizan
Wale 'Running Back' music video Running Back (2017)
Wale 'Groundhog Day' music video Groundhog Day (2017)
Wale 'My PYT' music video My PYT (2016)
Wale 'The Matrimony' music video The Matrimony (2015) Director: Sarah MC Colgan
Wale 'The Girls On Drugs' music video The Girls On Drugs (2015) Director: Dre Films
Production Company: Tre Native
Wale 'The White Shoes' music video The White Shoes (2015)
Wale 'The Body' music video The Body (2014) Production Company: Wiseworld Entertainment
Director: Geoffroy Faugérolas
Wale 'The Followers' music video The Followers (2014) Directors: Jon J, Shaun Ross
Wale 'Black Grammys' music video Black Grammys (2014) Director: Dre Films
Wale 'Golden Salvation' music video Golden Salvation (2013) Director: Coodie & Chike
Wale 'Clappers' music video Clappers (2013) Director: Benny Boom
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Wale 'Poor Decisions' music video Poor Decisions (2013)
Wale 'Back 2 Ballin'' music video Back 2 Ballin' (2013)
Wale 'Bad' music video Bad (2013) Director: Alexandre Moors
Production Company: Good Company
Wale 'Ambition' music video Ambition (2012)
Wale 'Slight Work' music video Slight Work (2012) Directors: Godfrey Taberez, Chris Brown
Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
Wale 'Actin' Up' music video Actin' Up (2012)
Wale 'Lotus Flower Bomb' music video Lotus Flower Bomb (2011)
Wale 'Chillin' music video Chillin (2009) Director: Chris Robinson
Wale 'Pretty Girls' music video Pretty Girls
Wale 'Love Hate Thing' music video Love Hate Thing Director: Sarah McColgan
Production Company: Happy Place
Wale 'The Breakup Song' music video The Breakup Song Directors: Walu, DJ Omega
Wale 'Dirty' music video Dirty Director: Rik Cordero
Production Company: Three/21 Media
Wale 'Family Affair' music video Family Affair
Wale 'That Way' music video That Way
Wale 'Bait' music video Bait Director: Dre Films
Wale 'Nike Boots' music video Nike Boots

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