Zach Mathews

Zach Mathews

Production Designer    Los Angeles 

Zach has been working as a production designer in Los Angeles since 2003. He has worked on film crews in the art department since 1994. Zach is a member of the IATSE local 800 Art Directors Guild and is represented by William Morris Endeavor.



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Selena Gomez 'Love You Like A Love Song' music video Love You Like A Love Song (2011)
Selena Gomez
Directors: Geremy Jasper, Georgie Greville, Geremy & Georgie
Black Eyed Peas 'I Gotta Feeling' music video I Gotta Feeling (2009)
Black Eyed Peas
Director: Ben Mor
Gnarls Barkley 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul' music video Who's Gonna Save My Soul (2008)
Gnarls Barkley
Director: Chris Milk
Linkin Park 'What I've Done' music video What I've Done (2007)
Linkin Park
Director: Joe Hahn
Production Company: Radical Media
Christina Aguilera 'Candyman' music video Candyman (2007)
Christina Aguilera
Directors: Matthew Rolston, Christina Aguilera
Justin Timberlake 'What Goes Around...Comes Around' music video What Goes Around...Comes Around (2007)
Justin Timberlake
Director: Samuel Bayer
Beck 'Nausea' music video Nausea (2006)
Director: Patrick Daughters
Ashlee Simpson 'Invisible' music video Invisible (2006)
Ashlee Simpson
Director: Marc Webb
Black Eyed Peas 'Pump It' music video Pump It (2006)
Black Eyed Peas
Director: Francis Lawrence
Missy Elliott 'We Run This' music video We Run This (2006)
Missy Elliott
Director: Dave Meyers
AFI 'Love Like Winter' music video Love Like Winter (2006)
Director: Marc Webb
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Fiona Apple 'O' Sailor' music video O' Sailor (2005)
Fiona Apple
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Production Company: Revolver Films
Incubus 'Make A Move' music video Make A Move (2005)
Director: Marc Webb
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Jennifer Lopez 'Get Right' music video Get Right (2005)
Jennifer Lopez
Director: Francis Lawrence
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
The White Stripes 'My Doorbell' music video My Doorbell (2005)
The White Stripes
Co-Directors: Emmett Malloy, Brendan Malloy
My Chemical Romance 'The Ghost Of You' music video The Ghost Of You (2005)
My Chemical Romance
Director: Marc Webb
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Madonna 'Love Profusion' music video Love Profusion (2004)
Director: Luc Besson
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Black Eyed Peas 'Let's Get It Started' music video Let's Get It Started (2004)
Black Eyed Peas
Director: Francis Lawrence
Gwen Stefani 'What You Waiting For?' music video What You Waiting For? (2004)
Gwen Stefani
Director: Francis Lawrence
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Sum 41 'Pieces' music video Pieces (2004)
Sum 41
Director: Brett Simon
Metallica 'The Unnamed Feeling' music video The Unnamed Feeling (2004)
Director: The Malloys
Justin Timberlake 'Cry Me A River' music video Cry Me A River (2002)
Justin Timberlake
Director: Francis Lawrence

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