Allen Scudder


as 1st Assistant Director (18)

Kaskade 'Never Sleep Alone' music video Never Sleep Alone (2015)
Director: Charles Whitcher
Porter Robinson 'Lionhearted' music video Lionhearted (2014)
Porter Robinson
Director: Jodeb
Production Company: Vision Film
Duck Sauce 'NRG' music video NRG (2014)
Duck Sauce
Director: Dugan O'Neal
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Le Youth 'Dance With Me' music video Dance With Me (2014)
Le Youth
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Saint André 'Comme un éléphant' music video Comme un éléphant (2014)
Saint André
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Director: Roboshobo
Max Frost 'White Lies' music video White Lies (2013)
Max Frost
Director: David Vincent Wolf
Production Company: Anthem Films
Cazwell 'Guess What?' music video Guess What? (2013)
Director: JB Ghuman, Jr.
Mr Little Jeans 'Oh Sailor' music video Oh Sailor (2013)
Mr Little Jeans
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Companies: Black Dog Films, RSA Films, Ready Set Go!
Gold Fields 'Dark Again' music video Dark Again (2012)
Gold Fields
Director: Stephen Schuster
Production Company: Revel Pictures
The Killers 'I Feel It In My Bones' music video I Feel It In My Bones (2012)
The Killers
Director: Roboshobo
MIKA 'Underwater' music video Underwater (2012)
Director: Alex Southam
Production Companies: Agile Films, Revel Pictures
Flight Facilities 'Clair De Lune' music video Clair De Lune (2012)
Flight Facilities
Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Revel Pictures
Sub Focus 'Tidal Wave' music video Tidal Wave (2012)
Sub Focus
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Black Dog Films
OneRepublic 'Feel Again' music video Feel Again (2012)
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Black Dog Films
The Penelopes 'Sally In The Galaxy' music video Sally In The Galaxy (2012)
The Penelopes
Production Companies: Pulse UK, Revel Pictures
Wallpaper. 'Fucking Best Song Everrr' music video Fucking Best Song Everrr (2012)
Director: Tim Nackashi
Neon Indian 'Polish Girl' music video Polish Girl (2011)
Neon Indian
Director: Tim Nackashi
Production Company: Pollution Studios
Warpaint 'Warpaint' music video Warpaint (2011)
Director: Ted Newsome
Production Company: 2HeadedHorse

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