Carlos Laszlo

Production Designer/Art Director    Los Angeles 


as Production Designer (32)

The Weeknd 'Take My Breath' music video Take My Breath (2021)
The Weeknd
Director: Cliqua
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Tove Lo 'Sweettalk my Heart' music video Sweettalk my Heart (2019)
Tove Lo
Director: Bradley & Pablo
YoungBoy Never Broke Again 'Astronaut Kid' music video Astronaut Kid (2018)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Directors: Alan Del Rio Ortiz, Carlos Lopez Estrada
Production Company: Little Ugly
6lack 'Switch' music video Switch (2018)
Anderson .Paak 'Bubblin' music video Bubblin (2018)
Anderson .Paak
Director: Calmatic
LSD 'Audio' music video Audio (2018)
Director: Ernest Desumbila
Cardi B 'Bartier Cardi' music video Bartier Cardi (2018)
Cardi B
Director: Petra Collins
Marshmello 'Friends' music video Friends (2018)
Vince Staples 'Rain Come Down' music video Rain Come Down (2017)
Vince Staples
Director: David M. Helman
Production Company: Partizan
Lil Uzi Vert 'Go Off' music video Go Off (2017)
Lil Uzi Vert
Production Company: Snow Beach
Directors: Brendan Vaughan, RJ Sanchez
Belly 'Frozen Water' music video Frozen Water (2017)
Director: Rollo Jackson
Production Companies: Somesuch & Co, FREENJOY
Kings Of Leon 'Find Me' music video Find Me (2016)
Kings Of Leon
Alessia Cara 'How Far I'll Go' music video How Far I'll Go (2016)
Alessia Cara
Director: Aya Tanimura
Hailee Steinfeld 'Starving' music video Starving (2016)
Hailee Steinfeld
Director: Darren Craig
Phantogram 'You Don’t Get Me High Anymore' music video You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (2016)
Director: Grant Singer
Clams Casino 'Ghost in a Kiss' music video Ghost in a Kiss (2016)
Clams Casino
Director: Grant Singer
Getter 'Forget It' music video Forget It (2016)
Director: Liam Underwood
Head Wound City 'Scraper' music video Scraper (2016)
Head Wound City
Director: Eva Michon
Production Company: Ways & Means
Major Lazer 'Be Together' music video Be Together (2016)
Major Lazer
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Production Company: Pomp & Clout
Fall Out Boy 'Irresistible (Remix)' music video Irresistible (Remix) (2016)
Fall Out Boy
Director: Wayne Isham
Pusha T 'M.P.A.' music video M.P.A. (2016)
Pusha T
Belly 'Might Not' music video Might Not (2015)
Director: Shomi Patwary
The Weeknd 'Tell Your Friends' music video Tell Your Friends (2015)
The Weeknd
Director: Grant Singer
Ariel Pink 'Dayzed Inn Daydreams' music video Dayzed Inn Daydreams (2015)
Ariel Pink
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: HK Corp
Tobias Jesso Jr. 'How Could You Babe' music video How Could You Babe (2015)
Tobias Jesso Jr.
Director: Grant Singer
Travis Scott 'Mamacita' music video Mamacita (2014)
Travis Scott
Director: Grant Singer
Production Company: RiTE Media Group
Travis Bretzer 'Promises' music video Promises (2014)
Travis Bretzer
Director: Grant Singer
Ariel Pink 'Picture Me Gone' music video Picture Me Gone (2014)
Ariel Pink
Director: Grant Singer
Youth Code 'Consuming Guilt' music video Consuming Guilt (2014)
Youth Code
Director: Grant Singer
Foxygen 'Coulda Been My Love' music video Coulda Been My Love (2014)
Director: Grant Singer
Production Companies: Riff Raff Films, Anthem Films
Ariel Pink 'Put Your Number In My Phone' music video Put Your Number In My Phone (2014)
Ariel Pink
Director: Grant Singer
Production Companies: Riff Raff Films, Compadres in Cahoots
Foxygen 'How Can You Really' music video How Can You Really (2014)
Director: Grant Singer

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