Christopher C. Ripley


as Director of Photography (20)

Kendrick Lamar 'The Heart Part 5' music video The Heart Part 5 (2022)
Kendrick Lamar
Directors: Dave Free, Kendrick Lamar
Production Company: pgLang
Lil Nas X 'That's What I Want' music video That's What I Want (2021)
Lil Nas X
Director: Stillz
Production Company: WeOwnTheCity
Megan Thee Stallion 'Thot Shit' music video Thot Shit (2021)
Megan Thee Stallion
Director: Aube Perrie
Doja Cat 'Kiss Me More' music video Kiss Me More (2021)
Doja Cat
Director: Warren Fu
Production Company: Partizan
Gregory Porter (2) 'Revival' music video Revival (2020)
Gregory Porter (2)
Director: Douglas Bernardt
Production Company: Stink Films
070 Shake 'Nice To Have' music video Nice To Have (2019)
070 Shake
Director: Noah Lee
Production Company: NoCo
A$AP Rocky 'Kids Turned Out Fine' music video Kids Turned Out Fine (2019)
A$AP Rocky
Director: Dexter Navy
Production Company: Happy Place
Quavo 'How Bout That?' music video How Bout That? (2018)
Director: Kid. Studio
Production Company: Couscous Saumon
Brent Faiyaz 'Gang Over Luv' music video Gang Over Luv (2018)
Brent Faiyaz
Director: Noah Lee
Production Company: Pulse Films
Diplo 'Color Blind' music video Color Blind (2018)
Director: Austin Peters
Lil Yachty 'Forever Young' music video Forever Young (2017)
Lil Yachty
Director: Alex Lill
Taylor Phelan 'Settle Down' music video Settle Down (2017)
Taylor Phelan
Director: Ariel Fisher
Production Company: Anthem Films
Kerron Hurd 'We Together' music video We Together (2016)
Kerron Hurd
Director: Henry Kaplan
Skylar Spence 'I Can't Be Your Superman' music video I Can't Be Your Superman (2016)
Skylar Spence
Director: Maegan Houang
Production Company: American Painkillers
Hit-Boy 'Automatically' music video Automatically (2015)
Production Company: Psycho Films
Director: Jack Begert
Style Of Eye 'Love Looks' music video Love Looks (2014)
Style Of Eye
Director: Chris Grieder
Production Company: Ready Set Go!
MAX 'Mug Shot' music video Mug Shot (2014)
Director: Daniel Karp
MAX 'Nothing Without Love' music video Nothing Without Love (2013)
Director: Daniel Karp
The Good Hurt 'Only In Your Mind' music video Only In Your Mind (2012)
The Good Hurt
Director: Max Lanman
Kyle McNeill 'I Don't Love You Like I Used To' music video I Don't Love You Like I Used To (2012)
Kyle McNeill
Director: Alex Lill

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as Cinematographer (4)

as Camera Operator (2)

as Special Thanks (1)

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