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Herve Pagez 'Spicy' music video Spicy (2019)
Herve Pagez
Director: Reed + Rader
Production Company: Pomp & Clout
Vicente García 'Ahí Ahí' music video Ahí Ahí (2019)
Vicente García
Director: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Production Company: Obsidian
Offset 'Red Room' music video Red Room (2019)
Director: Aisultan Seitov
Kendrick Lamar 'HUMBLE.' music video HUMBLE. (2017)
Kendrick Lamar
Director: Dave Meyers
Production Companies: TDE Films, FREENJOY INC
Austra 'Future Politics' music video Future Politics (2016)
Director: Allie Avital
Production Company: Partizan
Oscar 'Sometimes' music video Sometimes (2016)
Director: Bryan Schlam
The Knocks 'I Wish (My Taylor Swift)' music video I Wish (My Taylor Swift) (2015)
The Knocks
Director: Allie Avital
Production Company: Partizan
Autre Ne Veut 'Age Of Transparency' music video Age Of Transparency (2015)
Autre Ne Veut
Director: Allie Avital
Mike Krol 'Neighborhood Watch' music video Neighborhood Watch (2015)
Mike Krol
Directors: Robert Hatch-Miller, Puloma Basu
Autre Ne Veut 'World War Pt. 2' music video World War Pt. 2 (2015)
Autre Ne Veut
Director: Allie Avital
HONNE 'Coastal Love' music video Coastal Love (2015)
Director: Danilo Parra
Production Companies: Anchor Light, Untitled Films
Greylag 'Yours To Shake' music video Yours To Shake (2014)
Director: Ben Fee
Kacey Johansing 'Pinecone' music video Pinecone (2014)
Kacey Johansing
Directors: Ben Fee, Pete Lee
Production Company: Scandinavia
Typhoon 'Young Fathers' music video Young Fathers (2013)
Director: Ben Fee
Production Company: Scandinavia
Major Lazer 'Jet Blue Jet' music video Jet Blue Jet (2013)
Major Lazer
Director: Grizz Lee
Mavado 'Give It All To Me' music video Give It All To Me (2013)
Director: Grizz Lee
Porcelain Raft 'The Way Out' music video The Way Out (2013)
Porcelain Raft
Director: Michael Lawrence
Shake The Baron 'Ghost Hits' music video Ghost Hits (2013)
Shake The Baron
Director: Alex Amoling
Production Company: Mind-Bending Pictures
Dirty Beaches 'I Dream in Neon' music video I Dream in Neon (2013)
Dirty Beaches
Director: Michael Lawrence
Production Company: Bears Calling
Anastasia 'Extranjero' music video Extranjero (2013)
Director: Pete Lee
Wise Blood 'Rat' music video Rat (2013)
Wise Blood
Director: Michael Lawrence
Co-Director: Chris Laufman
Son Of Kick 'EOW' music video EOW (2013)
Son Of Kick
Director: Charles Whitcher
Production Company: Humble
New Politics 'Harlem' music video Harlem (2013)
New Politics
Director: Lenny Bass
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
The Mynabirds 'Body of Work' music video Body of Work (2012)
The Mynabirds
Director: Allie Avital
The Mountain Goats 'Cry for Judas' music video Cry for Judas (2012)
The Mountain Goats
Director: Carlo Mirabella-Davis
Elle Varner 'I Don't Care' music video I Don't Care (2012)
Elle Varner
Director: Lenny Bass
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Tilly And The Wall 'Defenders' music video Defenders (2012)
Tilly And The Wall
Director: Ben Fee
Production Company: The Masses
Aesop Rock 'Cycles to Gehenna' music video Cycles to Gehenna (2012)
Aesop Rock
Directors: Ben Fee, Pete Lee
Hoodie Allen 'No Faith In Brooklyn' music video No Faith In Brooklyn (2012)
Hoodie Allen
Director: Charles Whitcher
Production Companies: Humble, NBTV Studios
Hoodie Allen 'No Interruption' music video No Interruption (2012)
Hoodie Allen
Production Companies: NBTV Studios, Humble
Director: Charles Whitcher
The Mynabirds 'Generals' music video Generals (2012)
The Mynabirds
Directors: Tessa Wedberg, Jonathan Tvrdik
InAshton 'Days Away' music video Days Away
Director: Michael Fiore

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