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Jewel 'Ten' music video Ten (2010) Director: Peter Zavadil
Jewel 'No Good In Goodbye' music video No Good In Goodbye (2010) Director: Justin Nolan Key
Jewel 'Satisfied' music video Satisfied (2010) Director: Peter Zavadil
Jewel 'Stay Here Forever (Valentine's Day)' music video Stay Here Forever (Valentine's Day) (2010) Director: Peter Zavadil
Jewel 'I Do' music video I Do (2008) Director: Peter Zavadil
Jewel 'Till It Feels Like Cheating' music video Till It Feels Like Cheating (2008) Director: Peter Zavadil
Jewel 'Quest For Love' music video Quest For Love (2007) Director: Isaac Mizrahi
Jewel 'Stronger Woman' music video Stronger Woman (2007) Director: Trey Fanjoy
Jewel 'Good Day' music video Good Day (2006) Director: Alan Ferguson
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Jewel 'Again and Again' music video Again and Again (2006) Director: Matthew Rolston
Jewel 'Stand' music video Stand (2003) Director: Chris Applebaum
Jewel 'Break Me' music video Break Me (2002) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Jewel 'Standing Still' music video Standing Still (2001) Director: Darren Grant
Production Company: Palomar Pictures
Jewel 'Hands' music video Hands (1998) Director: Nick Brandt
Jewel 'Foolish Games' music video Foolish Games (1997) Director: Matthew Rolston
Jewel 'You Were Meant For Me' music video You Were Meant For Me (1996) Director: Lawrence Carroll
Jewel 'Who Will Save Your Soul' music video Who Will Save Your Soul (1995) Director: Geoff Moore
Jewel 'Jupiter (Swallow The Moon)' music video Jupiter (Swallow The Moon) Director: Matthew Rolston

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