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Styles P 'I Know' music video I Know (2012) Director: Dan The Man
Styles P 'Araab Styles' music video Araab Styles (2012) Director: Raafi Rivero
Styles P 'How I Fly' music video How I Fly (2012)
Styles P 'Harsh' music video Harsh (2011) Director: Fabrizio Conte
Styles P 'It's OK' music video It's OK (2011)
Styles P 'Blow Your Mind' music video Blow Your Mind (2007) Directors: Todd Angkasuwan, Styles P
Styles P 'Can You Believe It' music video Can You Believe It (2005)
Styles P 'The Life' music video The Life (2002) Director: Deric Margolis
Styles P 'Good Times' music video Good Times (2002) Director: Jessy Terrero

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