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Fischerspooner 'Togetherness' music video Togetherness (2017)
Directors: Warren Fischer, Casey Spooner
Benny Benassi 'Paradise' music video Paradise (2016)
Benny Benassi
Director: Daniel Czernilofsky
Vicetone 'Angels' music video Angels (2015)
Director: Ryan Sheehy
Production Company: Cinedyne Films
Aucan 'Rise of the Serpent' music video Rise of the Serpent (2014)
Director: Marco Prestini
Production Company: Flash Factory
Aucan 'Riot' music video Riot (2014)
Director: Mustafa Sabbagh
Carol Williams 'Love Is You (PELUSSJE Remix)' music video Love Is You (PELUSSJE Remix) (2014)
Carol Williams
Director: ThisGasThing
Kaskade 'Last Chance' music video Last Chance (2014)
Director: Änders Rostad
Production Company: Draw Pictures
The Bloody Beetroots 'All The Girls' music video All The Girls (2013)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Steven Ilous
Production Companies: SMI Entertainment, Inc., Flat Head Films, Inc., Powershot Productions, Inc.
Nicky Romero 'Legacy' music video Legacy (2013)
Nicky Romero
Director: Kyle Padilla
Steve Aoki 'Boneless' music video Boneless (2013)
Steve Aoki
Director: The Bear
Medina 'Junkie' music video Junkie (2013)
Brass Knuckles 'As Long As I'm Alive' music video As Long As I'm Alive (2013)
Brass Knuckles
Director: Ben Fee
TOKiMONSTA 'Clean Slate' music video Clean Slate (2013)
Director: fourclops
Production Company: The Masses
The Bloody Beetroots 'Out of Sight' music video Out of Sight (2013)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Charlie Lightening
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 'Sky Is The Limit' music video Sky Is The Limit (2013)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark
Benny Benassi 'Dance the Pain Away' music video Dance the Pain Away (2013)
Benny Benassi
Director: Cameron Duddy
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Basshunter 'Crash & Burn' music video Crash & Burn (2013)
Ian Erix 'Sex, Dance and Rock & Roll (Lose It) (Dan's Kitchen Remix)' music video Sex, Dance and Rock & Roll (Lose It) (Dan's Kitchen Remix) (2013)
Ian Erix
Designer Drugs 'Space Based' music video Space Based (2013)
Designer Drugs
Director: Skinny
Production Company: Partizan
Killgore & Polina 'Magnet' music video Magnet (2013)
Killgore & Polina
Directors: Amber Lomer, Robert Ruffo
Serge Devant & Rachael Starr 'You And Me' music video You And Me (2013)
Serge Devant & Rachael Starr
Dan Black 'Hearts' music video Hearts (2013)
Dan Black
Director: Chic & Artistic
Production Company: Chic & Artistic Unlimited
Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas 'Singularity' music video Singularity (2013)
Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas
Director: Gille Klabin
Production Company: Lord Danger
CLMD 'The Stockholm Syndrome' music video The Stockholm Syndrome (2013)
Director: Tobias Frøystad
Mt Eden 'Sierra Leone' music video Sierra Leone (2013)
Mt Eden
Director: Simon McLoughlin
Production Company: The Uprising Creative
Wolfgang Gartner 'Overdose' music video Overdose (2013)
Wolfgang Gartner
Fedde Le Grand 'Rockin' n' Rollin'' music video Rockin' n' Rollin' (2013)
Fedde Le Grand
Director: Shoot the Artist
TOKiMONSTA 'Go With It' music video Go With It (2013)
Director: High5Collective
Production Company: Partizan
Fedde Le Grand 'Long Way from Home' music video Long Way from Home (2013)
Fedde Le Grand
Stratus 'Alarm' music video Alarm (2013)
The Bloody Beetroots 'Spank' music video Spank (2013)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Vincent Tsang
MNDR 'Feed Me Diamonds' music video Feed Me Diamonds (2012)
Director: Peter LaBier
Brass Knuckles 'Bad Habits' music video Bad Habits (2012)
Brass Knuckles
Production Company: Partizan
Director: High5Collective
Felix Da Housecat 'Burn The Disco' music video Burn The Disco (2012)
Felix Da Housecat
Director: High5Collective
Production Company: Partizan
Alex Gaudino 'I Don't Wanna Dance' music video I Don't Wanna Dance (2012)
Alex Gaudino
Director: Fred Ouro Preto
DJ Muggs 'Snap Ya Neck Back' music video Snap Ya Neck Back (2012)
DJ Muggs
Director: Alex 2Tone
Production Company: WHAT YOU STEAL
Benny Benassi 'Move Your Body' music video Move Your Body (2012)
Benny Benassi
Director: Jay Chokshi
MNDR '#1 in Heaven' music video #1 in Heaven (2012)
Director: Cody Critcheloe
Rebecca Stella 'The O Song' music video The O Song (2012)
Rebecca Stella
Director: Magnus Härdner
Production Company: Gas & Electric
The Bloody Beetroots 'Chronicles of a Fallen Love' music video Chronicles of a Fallen Love (2012)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Mathy & Fran
Production Company: Mrs Grey
The Bloody Beetroots 'Rocksteady' music video Rocksteady (2012)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Wyatt Neumann
Production Company: Decon
Alex Gaudino 'What a Feeling' music video What a Feeling (2011)
Alex Gaudino
Directors: Frank Gatson Jr., Ed Burke
DJ Antoine 'Ma Cherie' music video Ma Cherie (2011)
DJ Antoine
Bella Saona 'Off With Their Heads' music video Off With Their Heads (2011)
Bella Saona
Director: Ellen Frances
Production Company: Thorstein Foundation
The Bloody Beetroots 'Church of Noise' music video Church of Noise (2011)
The Bloody Beetroots
Director: Charlie Lightening
Production Company: Lightening Productions
Pink is Punk 'My Ferrari' music video My Ferrari (2011)
Pink is Punk
Director: Daniele Zennaro
Production Company: Boneless (2)
Kaskade 'Fire In Your New Shoes' music video Fire In Your New Shoes (2010)
Benny Benassi 'Spaceship' music video Spaceship (2010)
Benny Benassi
Production Company: Rockhard
Director: Ray Kay
Tiësto 'Feel It in My Bones' music video Feel It in My Bones (2010)
Designer Drugs 'Dead Meat' music video Dead Meat (2010)
Designer Drugs
Production Company: Pomp & Clout
Director: Ryan Staake
Jazzbit 'Sing Sing Sing' music video Sing Sing Sing (2010)
Director: Ben Peters
Production Company: Luti Media
Kenneth Bager 'Fragment One (...And I Kept Hearing)' music video Fragment One (...And I Kept Hearing) (2009)
Kenneth Bager
Director: Ellen Von Unwerth
Tiësto 'Escape Me' music video Escape Me (2009)
Director: Matt Nee
Production Company: Flynn Productions
Mia Martina 'Stereo Love' music video Stereo Love
Mia Martina
Director: Marc Andre Debruyne

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