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Common 'Letter To The Free' music video Letter To The Free (2016)
Common 'Black America Again' music video Black America Again (2016)
Common 'Diamonds' music video Diamonds (2014) Director: Jerome D. Hurd
Common 'Kingdom' music video Kingdom (2014) Director: Hype Williams
Common 'Celebrate' music video Celebrate (2011)
Common 'Universal Mind Control' music video Universal Mind Control (2008) Director: Hype Williams
Common 'The People' music video The People (2007) Directors: Nabil, John Pina
Production Company: Partizan
Common 'The Game' music video The Game (2007) Director: Nabil
Production Company: Partizan
Common 'Drivin' Me Wild' music video Drivin' Me Wild (2007) Director: Chris Robinson
Common 'Go' music video Go (2005) Director: Mk12
Common 'Be' music video Be (2005) Director: Paul Hunter
Common 'The Light' music video The Light (2000)
Common 'The Light' music video The Light (2000) Director: Nzingha Stewart
Common 'One-nine-nine-nine' music video One-nine-nine-nine Director: Jason Goldwatch
Common 'Ghetto Dreams' music video Ghetto Dreams Director: Matt Alonzo
Common 'Sweet' music video Sweet
Common 'Raw (How You Like It)' music video Raw (How You Like It)
Common 'Blue Sky' music video Blue Sky

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