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Fleet Foxes 'If You Need To, Keep Time on Me' music video If You Need To, Keep Time on Me (2018)
Fleet Foxes
Director: Ryan Heffington
The Regrettes 'Come Through' music video Come Through (2018)
The Regrettes
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Production Company: Commondeer Films
Note: The Mill
The Head And The Heart 'City of Angels' music video City of Angels (2017)
The Head And The Heart
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Peking Duk 'Fake Magic' music video Fake Magic (2017)
Peking Duk
Director: Ellis Bahl
Production Company: Wondros
Harriet Brown 'Mother' music video Mother (2017)
Harriet Brown
Director: Christine Yuan
NAV 'Some Way' music video Some Way (2017)
Director: RJ Sanchez
Production Company: Snow Beach
The Chainsmokers 'Paris' music video Paris (2017)
The Chainsmokers
Director: Tomás Whitmore
Production Company: Diktator
Omen '48 Laws' music video 48 Laws (2017)
Director: Andrew Litten
The Lumineers 'Sleep On The Floor' music video Sleep On The Floor (2016)
The Lumineers
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Dirty Projectors 'Keep Your Name' music video Keep Your Name (2016)
Dirty Projectors
Directors: David Longstreth, Elon Rutberg
Production Company: Ways & Means
Norah Jones 'Carry On' music video Carry On (2016)
Norah Jones
Director: Claire Marie Vogel
Production Company: Kode Media
Grace 'Hell Of A Girl' music video Hell Of A Girl (2016)
Director: Dano Cerny
3OH!3 'BASMF' music video BASMF (2016)
Director: Christopher Smith
Production Company: Speak Thunder Films
3OH!3 'Mad At You' music video Mad At You (2016)
Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Production Company: Pollution Studios
Black Atlass 'Tonight' music video Tonight (2016)
Black Atlass
Director: Kenneth Cappello
Mykki Blanco 'Coke White, Starlight' music video Coke White, Starlight (2015)
Mykki Blanco
Director: Tristan Patterson
Miike Snow 'Heart is Full' music video Heart is Full (2015)
Miike Snow
Director: Lance Drake
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Carnage 'November Skies' music video November Skies (2015)
Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: NikoFilms
Bryson Tiller 'Sorry Not Sorry' music video Sorry Not Sorry (2015)
Bryson Tiller
Director: David M. Helman
Paul McCartney 'Say Say Say (2015 Remix)' music video Say Say Say (2015 Remix) (2015)
Paul McCartney
Director: Ryan Heffington
Raury 'Friends' music video Friends (2015)
Director: Duncan Winecoff
Production Company: All:Expanded
Loren 'Echo' music video Echo (2015)
Director: Susie Francis
Elliphant 'Purple Light' music video Purple Light (2015)
Director: Ellis Bahl
Roah Summit 'Take Care' music video Take Care (2015)
Roah Summit
Director: Kevin Clark
DJ Snake 'You Know You Like It' music video You Know You Like It (2014)
DJ Snake
Director: Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: Prettybird
Gary Clark Jr. 'When My Train Pulls In' music video When My Train Pulls In (2014)
Gary Clark Jr.
Director: Carmela Makela
Grimes 'Go' music video Go (2014)
Production Company: Ways & Means
Director: Roco-Prime
Note: at MPC
Elliphant 'Only Getting Younger' music video Only Getting Younger (2014)
Director: Jordan Bahat
Production Company: Caviar Los Angeles
The Magician 'Sunlight' music video Sunlight (2014)
The Magician
Director: Jordan Bahat
Production Company: Caviar Content
Basement Jaxx 'Never Say Never' music video Never Say Never (2014)
Basement Jaxx
Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: Skunk
Kan Wakan 'Like I Need You' music video Like I Need You (2014)
Kan Wakan
Director: Young Replicant
Capital Cities 'One Minute More' music video One Minute More (2014)
Capital Cities
Director: BREWER
Production Company: Prettybird
The 1975 'Robbers' music video Robbers (2014)
The 1975
Production Companies: Cineaste Films, Agile Films
Director: Tim Mattia
Liars 'Mess On A Mission' music video Mess On A Mission (2014)
Director: Luis Cerveró
Production Company: Ways & Means
Mr Little Jeans 'Good Mistake' music video Good Mistake (2014)
Mr Little Jeans
Director: Ian & Cooper
Production Company: Prettybird
Note: @ MPC
Placebo 'Loud Like Love' music video Loud Like Love (2014)
Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: 890 Productions
Note: MPC
Black English 'Leave The Door Wide Open' music video Leave The Door Wide Open (2014)
Black English
Director: Jordan Blady
The Afghan Whigs 'Algiers' music video Algiers (2014)
The Afghan Whigs
Director: Phil Harder
Foster The People 'Coming Of Age' music video Coming Of Age (2014)
Foster The People
Director: BRTHR
Production Company: LEGS
Superhumanoids 'So Strange' music video So Strange (2013)
Directors: David Altobelli, Taylor Cohen
Parade of Lights 'We're the Kids' music video We're the Kids (2013)
Parade of Lights
Director: Tim Mattia
Production Company: Cineaste Films
Breaks Co-Op 'Sounds Familiar' music video Sounds Familiar (2013)
Breaks Co-Op
Director: Jordan Blady
Note: @ MPC
Kat Krazy 'Siren' music video Siren (2013)
Kat Krazy
Director: Edward Drake
Note: @ MPC
Superhumanoids 'Bad Weather' music video Bad Weather (2013)
Director: Taylor Cohen
Placebo 'Too Many Friends' music video Too Many Friends (2013)
Director: Saman Kesh
Zee Avi '31 Days' music video 31 Days (2013)
Zee Avi
Director: Jason Baum
Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' music video We Can't Stop (2013)
Miley Cyrus
Director: Diane Martel
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Bonobo 'First Fires' music video First Fires (2013)
Director: Young Replicant
Production Company: Pulse Films
Shout Out Louds 'Illusions' music video Illusions (2013)
Shout Out Louds
Director: Hugo Stenson
The Young Evils 'Touch Tone Lovers' music video Touch Tone Lovers (2013)
The Young Evils
Director: Johnny Brookbank
Production Company: FaceHead Media
Zee Avi 'Concrete Wall' music video Concrete Wall (2012)
Zee Avi
Director: Jason Baum

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as Online Conform (1)

Grimes 'Go' music video Go (2014)
Production Company: Ways & Means
Director: Roco-Prime

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