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Live 'The River' music video The River (2006) Production Company: Merge@Crossroads
Director: Nathan Karma Cox
Live 'Run Away' music video Run Away (2004)
Live 'Heaven' music video Heaven (2003) Director: Arni & Kinski
Production Company: Mars Media
Live 'Like A Soldier' music video Like A Soldier (2002) Director: Matt Bass
Live 'Simple Creed' music video Simple Creed (2001) Director: Marc Webb
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Live 'They Stood Up For Love' music video They Stood Up For Love (2000) Director: Kai Sehr
Live 'Run To The Water' music video Run To The Water (2000) Director: Martin Weisz
Production Company: HSI Productions
Live 'The Dolphin's Cry' music video The Dolphin's Cry (1999) Director: Martin Weisz
Live 'Turn My Head' music video Turn My Head (1997) Director: Mary Lambert
Live 'Turn My Head' music video Turn My Head (1997) Director: Jake Scott
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Live 'Lakini's Juice' music video Lakini's Juice (1997) Director: Gavin Bowden
Live 'Ghost' music video Ghost (1997)
Live 'Freaks' music video Freaks (1997) Director: Paul Cunningham
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Live 'Lightning Crashes' music video Lightning Crashes (1994) Director: Jake Scott
Production Companies: Portfolio, Black Dog Films
Live 'I Alone' music video I Alone (1994) Director: Tim Pope
Production Company: Palomar Pictures
Live 'Selling the Drama' music video Selling the Drama (1994) Directors: Julia Heyward, Phyllis Famiglietti
Live 'Pain Lies on the Riverside' music video Pain Lies on the Riverside (1991) Director: Ron Keith
Live 'Operation Spirit' music video Operation Spirit (1991) Director: George Seminara

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