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Arcade Fire 'Money + Love' music video Money + Love (2018)
Arcade Fire
Director: David Wilson
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Tame Impala 'Let It Happen' music video Let It Happen (2015)
Tame Impala
Director: David Wilson
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Kwabs 'Perfect Ruin' music video Perfect Ruin (2015)
Director: George Belfield
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
FKA Twigs 'Pendulum' music video Pendulum (2015)
FKA Twigs
Director: FKA Twigs
Production Company: Academy Films
Bryan Ferry 'Loop De Li' music video Loop De Li (2014)
Bryan Ferry
Director: Aoife McArdle
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Arcade Fire 'We Exist' music video We Exist (2014)
Arcade Fire
Director: David Wilson
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Robbie Williams 'Dream A Little Dream' music video Dream A Little Dream (2013)
Robbie Williams
Director: Chris Sweeney
Production Company: Good Egg
Professor Green 'Are You Getting Enough?' music video Are You Getting Enough? (2013)
Professor Green
Director: Henry Scholfield
Production Company: Partizan
John Legend 'Who Do We Think We Are' music video Who Do We Think We Are (2013)
John Legend
Director: Paul Gore
Production Company: Iconoclast
Mumford & Sons 'I Will Wait' music video I Will Wait (2012)
Mumford & Sons
Director: FRED&NICK
Keane 'Sovereign Light Cafe' music video Sovereign Light Cafe (2012)
Director: Lindy Heymann
Production Company: Love Commercial Production Co.
Clement Marfo & The Frontline 'Mayhem' music video Mayhem (2012)
Clement Marfo & The Frontline
Director: The Found Collective
Melanie C 'Weak' music video Weak (2011)
Melanie C
Director: Michael Baldwin
Production Company: Gas & Electric
Example 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' music video Changed The Way You Kiss Me (2011)
Director: Adam Powell
The Staves 'Mexico' music video Mexico (2011)
The Staves
Director: Frater Films
Production Company: Agile Films
Florence + The Machine 'Shake It Out' music video Shake It Out (2011)
Florence + The Machine
Director: Dawn Shadforth
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Tinie Tempah 'Wonderman' music video Wonderman (2011)
Tinie Tempah
Director: Robert Hales
McFly 'That's The Truth' music video That's The Truth (2011)
Director: Luke Bellis
Production Company: Flynn Productions
James Blake 'The Wilhelm Scream' music video The Wilhelm Scream (2011)
James Blake
Director: Alexander Brown
Wretch 32 'Unorthodox' music video Unorthodox (2011)
Wretch 32
Director: Ben Newman
Jessie J 'Do It Like A Dude' music video Do It Like A Dude (2010)
Jessie J
Director: Emil Nava
Production Company: Pulse Films
Worship 'Collateral' music video Collateral (2010)
Director: Blake Claridge
Note: at Family
Owl City 'Umbrella Beach' music video Umbrella Beach (2010)
Owl City
Hadouken! 'Mic Check' music video Mic Check (2010)
Director: Blake Claridge
Production Company: Davey Inc
The Maccabees 'Empty Vessels' music video Empty Vessels (2010)
The Maccabees
Director: Alexander Brown
Production Company: Davey Inc
Foals 'Spanish Sahara' music video Spanish Sahara (2010)
Director: Dave Ma
Hadouken! 'Turn The Lights Out' music video Turn The Lights Out (2009)
Director: Blake Claridige
The Chapman Family 'Kids' music video Kids (2009)
The Chapman Family
Director: Blake Claridge
Production Company: Davey Inc

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