IMVDb Legacy Credits

We realize that there is a large backlog of music video information and credits out there that are not digitized. We have a number of methods to get credits into the database from various older sources.

If you have a large collection of credits, please get in touch with so we can set up the most effective way of listing the information you have.

Emailing Old Credit Information

If you have old credit information handy in the form of PDFs or other digitized information, please email it to

Faxing Old Credit Information

If you have credit information on paper, you can fax it to +1 323-477-2792. Please provide a cover sheet that lists your name and an email address or phone number should we need to contact you.

Mailing Old Credit Information

If you have credit information on paper or on a physical storage medium such as CD, you can send it to:

1316 Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy
Durham, NC 27707

We will also happily send you an addressed, stamped 9x12 envelope to put credit materials in. Simply request an envelope below and we'll send one out.

Fill out my online form.