IMVDb Pipeline

Information on music videos, including credits, is often in basic text format and can take time to enter into IMVDb's video form. IMVDb Pipeline is a simple way to bypass having to enter data into a form, by allowing you to simply email it to IMVDb in whatever format you have your information in.

Of course, you can always just email your info to, but Pipeline is set up so that your information goes directly into our submission queue. It also allows multiple people to submit information in the name of any person, artist, or company Pipeline is set up for.

How To Sign Up for IMVDb Pipeline

1. Manage a Page on IMVDb

To sign up for IMVDb Pipeline, you must manage a page on IMVDb. If you do not currently manage a page, you can learn how to apply to manage a page here.

2. Apply Via Your Page's Admin Section

Go to the page you manage, click on Page Admin on the right hand side of the page. Go to the Pipeline section, and click on the blue button to apply.

Once you have been approved for IMVDb Pipeline, you'll get an email with your unique email address.

Using IMVDb Pipeline

Once you have your IMVDb Pipeline email address, using it is very simple: just send any information you want on IMVDb to that email address.

Each email you send to IMVDBb will be archived in your submission queue, and can be moderated just like any other data submission.

Tip: The best way to use IMVDb Pipeline is to save the unique email address generated for you as IMVDb Submissions or something similar in your address book.

Examples of things you can send via IMVDb Pipeline:

  • Call sheets (we will not share contact info on call sheets with anyone, ever).
  • Credits in text format.
  • Behind the scenes photos.
  • Updated information for videos that are already listed.