Submitting Commentary

Video commentaries are audio tracks that can be played simultaneously with videos on IMVDb. Although we seek out and record some commentaries, we encourage submissions from anyone who would like to record a commentary for their video on the site.

Valid Commentaries

Commentaries must include either the artist, featured artist, or someone who worked on the video in a creative capacity. Of course, director and artist commentaries are always welcome, but we also accept commentaries from producers, dps, editors, costume designers, production designers, and anyone else who worked on the production in a creative capacity and can offer insights into the creation of the video.

IMVDb has the ability to list multiple commentary tracks for each video, so commentaries can either include multiple people or single people spread out over multiple tracks.

Recording a Commentary

Please use the highest quality method available for recording commentaries. If you have a separate microphone, please use it, although the system microphone on my laptops works as well.

Use an audio program like Garageband, Audacity, or Audio Hijack Pro to record your audio. Please record your audio at a minimum of 128kbps, in stereo. Do not compress your audio before sending - we put every commentary through a compression process.

At the beginning of the recording, please say the word 'play', and then hit the play button on the device you are watching the video on. This allows us to sync up the audio with the video.

Please introduce yourself and your role on the video at the beginning of the commentary.

Make sure not to leave long gaps during your commentary.

If possible, please use the YouTube version of the video.

Commentary Submission

Please submit your commentaries by email to Please do not attach the audio file to the link, instead send a link, such as one to Dropbox or Hightail.

We'll notify you when your commentary has been posted or if there are any issues with it. Commentaries can be rejected for low audio quality or general poor commentary quality.

By submitting a commentary to IMVDb, you are granting IMVDb a license in perpetuity to distribute your commentary on and other IMVDb applications.

Commentary Validation

If possible, please send your commentary from an official email adddress.

In some cases we will need to validate your identity before posting your commentary.