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It was neck and neck all week, but despite being racecar themed, “Summer” by Calvin Harris came just short of “Magic” by Coldplay for the most popular video of the week. Don’t worry Calvin, we still got madd respect for you. We also got madd respect for the rest of… Read More

This week is one of those rare occasions where the most popular music video of the week is also one of our favorites, with "Ragga Bomb" by Skrillex feat. The Ragga Twins coming in at over 3 million views. Don’t get us wrong, we love all music videos, but man… Read More

The following is an urgent message about music videos. OMG guys Andy Cohen was in a music video this weeeeeek! And it was the most popular one! That’s right, at over 20 million views, (and over 250 credits and counting!) “G.U.Y.” by Lady Gaga was the most popular music video… Read More

Here we are again you guys, the end of another week in music videos. What did we learn this week? We learned that Kylie Minogue is competing for the title of sexiest 45-year-old to work out in high heels with her video for “Sexercize” (which pulled in nearly 2 million… Read More

"You know what they say, a hat in your life takes you to paradise" is an actual thing a man selling hats (possible conflict of interest) said to DJ Cassidy in this week's video for "Calling All Hearts." Just after that, DJ Cassidy is transported into a pink world of… Read More

Here we are again, folks. The end of another week in the world of music videos. It was an interesting week this week, given that the most popular video was technically released months ago. That’s right, “Partition” by Beyonce was technically released to the world back in December through her… Read More

The two music videos that made the most impact this week, “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and “Putin Will Teach You How To Love” by Pussy Riot, couldn’t be more different than one another. One is a fun, large budget pop video for the number one song in America, and… Read More

A Valentines Day Poem Dedicated to This Week’s Most Popular Music Videos Roses are red, violets are blue, the most popular video this week was “Achy Breaky 2.” Added to the database by our friends at Fringe, this insane music video made five million people cringe. Then Bono told U2,… Read More

After a few weeks in a row featuring music videos with several million views, including last week's “Can’t Remember To Forget You” by Shakira ft. Rihanna with over 17 million views in 24-hours, the very top of our popularity list has dipped slightly this week. In fact, this week’s most popular video,… Read More

Music videos just fucked our whole shit up this week, you guys. Going in, we were sure that Bieber was going to take the number one spot. But then Rihanna had to come in and touch Shakira’s butt and ruin everybody’s plans. Yes, that’s right, after less than a day,… Read More

This was a big week for popular music videos, you guys. In fact, the video at the top of this week’s list, “El Perdedor” by Enrique Iglesias, is not only the most popular video of the week, but with over 6 million views, the four day old video is already… Read More

If you’re looking for a single thread that ties all of the popular music videos from this week together you’re not gonna find one. I’m serious, Tina, stop trying to find one ya fat jerk! That is, of course, unless you count that they are all awesome, in which case… Read More

After two pretty slow weeks, music videos are officially back for 2014. The trend for popular music videos so far this year is definitely attractive, young female pop stars in happy performance videos – accounting for five of the top six videos of the week. The most popular was Ellie… Read More

Like last week, there weren’t many music videos released this week. However, there were still some pretty awesome stuff in the handful that did come out. Like butts, bras, and bearded models in Ke$ha’s directorial debut “Dirty Love,” released at midnight on new years day. Who saw that one coming? We… Read More

By now, we all know about the dick/fuck face that leaked Miley’s “Adore You” video a day early. Despite that, homegirl still came in at over 10.5 million views since 10am on Thursday, which is completely insane. The next most popular video on the list is “Sing About Me” by… Read More

It’s the second to last week of the year, but clearly music videos don’t give a shit about that. They’re still going strong, doing some unorthodox and big deal things. Like Beyoncé who dropped two music videos in a day, after releasing 17 last week on iTunes - you crazy… Read More

One thing we learned from the most popular music videos from this week is that the internet wants what it wants. If we were to tell you that a Joseph Kahn-directed Britney Spears video was released, normally it would be pretty safe to assume that it would be the top… Read More

Last week when Justin Bieber teased his new video for "All That Matters," letting us know that it was coming out this week, we knew it would be safe to pencil him in at the top spot on this list. What we didn’t know was that this week would also… Read More

Music videos never take a week off, you guys. Never. Despite it being a pretty major holiday week here in the states, there were still some huge videos released this week from Eminem, Pitbull,, The Killers, Major Lazer and more, all with some pretty sweet music videos to accompany… Read More

Damn y’all, music videos sure made it happen this week, didn’t they? Pop videos, indie videos, interactive videos, videos for songs that are over 40 years old, this week had it all! And honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way. At the top of the list is our girl… Read More

Music videos aren’t measured by weight, but if they were, you could easily say that a ton of awesome music videos were released this week. And of that ton of music videos, these 10 were the most popular 200 pounds of the week (that’s pretty gross, and now you know… Read More

If you weren’t one of the 250 thousand people to watch the inaugural YouTube Music Awards live (or the 1.5 million to have watched it since it aired), you missed one wacky show full of improvisation, babies, and live music videos. And of those live music videos, five of them… Read More

Do you guys remember in that movie Friday when Chris Tucker convinced Ice Cube to smoke weed because he didn’t have a job? What a great movie. Well, that movie is a lot like this list of the most popular music videos released this week. Not so much in content… Read More

It’s happened, you guys, we did it! For the second week in a row, a novelty music video was the most popular video released. How awesome is that? Last week, it was a song about food, and this week, it’s a song about Massachusetts! That’s right, the most popular music… Read More

Music videos come in all shapes and sizes. This week, there were so many cool music videos in so many different shapes, that there is no way to list them all in this one blog post. We can however list the 10 most popular released this week, so we’re going… Read More

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