The Most Popular Music Videos Released This Week (11/22/14)

Posted by Adam Fairholm on November 23, 2014 in Most Popular Music Videos

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Some things seem to be surefire successes. For instance, anything Beyonce does is obviously going to light things up. Case in point - she has the top spot this week and all she's doing is dancing in her underwear.

Also, director Ben Winston and One Direction coming together to make a music video usually results in putting up some major numbers, and this week is no exception. "Night Changes" takes the second spot with 5.5 million views. The video is like a POV fantasy date with the One Direction boys, and although I'm not the target market here, I'm not saying I would turn ice skating with Harry Styles down, necessarily.

Other things you can't miss with is Meghan Trainor talking about her bass or butt or you know what, I don't even know anymore. She came out on the offensive this week, releasing a spiritual sequel to "All About That Bass," called "Lips Are Movin."

The rest of this week is filled with really solid combos. Bruno Mars and his longtime video director Cameron Duddy releasing a music video for a musical collab with Mark Ronson? Yes please. Nabil directing a Skrillex video? Hell yes, I'm there. Colin Tilley directing a K-Pop video? You know what? Sign me up. I want to see that.

There are so many great music videos this week, you might want to treat yourself and check out this top 25 playlist. And if you really want to get down, check out our podcast episode for this week, featuring the director of #17 on the list ("One Day" by Paolo Nutini), director Ian Pons Jewell. We talk about that video plus some of the best and worst of the week.


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