The Most Popular Music Videos Released This Week (6/27)

Posted by Doug Klinger on June 27, 2014 in Most Popular Music Videos

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Psst, hey kid. Yeah, you. You like music videos? You do? Well kid, I got some music videos for ya if you’re interested. You are? Good, good. Thing is, these aren’t just any music videos, kid. These are the most popular music videos released this week. I’m talkin about videos with millions of views by artists like Robin Thicke, Demi Lovato, and Miranda Lambert. The big shots, kid. I’ve got some more where those came from, too. I got brand new videos from Chayanne, Daddy Yankee, Belinda, too. What do you think, do you hablas español? No? Ok, then what about Luke Bryan? He’s cool. Or how about FKA Twigs, everyone has been trying to get some of her these days. Alright kid, I tell ya what – since I like you, I’m going to let you look through this playlist of the 25 most popular new videos of the week. You’re bound to find something you like in there. Just hurry up, OK? I’m trying to get to Applebee’s.

Robin Thicke 'Get Her Back' music video

1. Get Her Back

Robin Thicke

Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Demi Lovato 'Really Don't Care' music video

2. Really Don't Care

Demi Lovato

Director: Ryan Pallotta

Miranda Lambert 'Somethin' Bad' music video

3. Somethin' Bad

Miranda Lambert

Director: Trey Fanjoy

Chayanne 'Humanos a Marte' music video

4. Humanos a Marte


Director: Carlos Pérez

Daddy Yankee 'Ora por mi' music video

5. Ora por mi

Daddy Yankee

Director: Christian Suau

Belinda 'I Love You... Te Quiero' music video

6. I Love You... Te Quiero


Director: Ernesto Yanez

Luke Bryan 'Roller Coaster' music video

7. Roller Coaster

Luke Bryan

Director: Michael Monaco

FKA Twigs 'Two Weeks' music video

8. Two Weeks

FKA Twigs

Director: Nabil

A Day To Remember 'End Of Me' music video

9. End Of Me

A Day To Remember

Director: Shane Drake

Steve Aoki 'Free the Madness' music video

10. Free the Madness

Steve Aoki

Director: Dan Packer


Doug Klinger is the co-founder/content director of IMVDb and watches more music videos than anyone on earth. You can find him on twitter at @doug_klinger.

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