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Matt & Kim released their new music video for "Let's Go" today, but it's exclusive to Funny or Die. Currently, our standard video pages don't support Funny or Die embeds. A lot of IMVDb is a work in progress (as you know), and we aren't set up for everything yet. But, good news!… Read More

Nothing breaks our site more than interactive music videos. Now, don't misunderstand, we LOVE working interactie msuic videos. Love 'em. In fact, we've even featured podcast interviews with directors of some amazing interactive music videos, including fourclops and Lex Halaby. With that said, boy oh boy can they break this… Read More

Lana Del Rey is back and making a video for "National Anthem", which has one hell of a premise: rapper A$AP Rocky as JFK and Lana portraying Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Lana loves her preview clips, so today we get one featuring Lana and A&AP in their roles staring at each… Read More

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