Taped Before A Live Studio Audience

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Posted by Chris Black on September 12, 2014 in Taped Before A Live Studio Audience Contributor Post

Hey imvdb heads! It's ya boy, Yung Parker Lewis Can't Lose! Bringing you another installment relating to all things Music Videos. Just want to thank y'all for the love! So today we'll be talking about artists "directing" their own videos. Let me share a story with you... Back in 2011,… Read More

*Good Ass Job was supposed to be the name of Kanye's My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy and it felt appropriate.PRESS PLAYWhat it do IMVDB heads!It's ya boy CB aka Kenan Thompson's stunt double aka Yung Long Read. Apparently IMVDB felt the hate mail we receieved (we received A LOT) wasn't… Read More

Hi IMVDB heads! It’s your boy Chris Black aka Yung John Coffey aka Gulluh Guluh Island! The good folks at IMVDB have decided that it would be a good idea to give me a column (send all hate mail to doug@imvdb.com & adam@imvdb.com). Before I continue, let me give a… Read More

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