The Most Popular Music Videos Released This Week (10/24)

Posted by Doug Klinger on October 25, 2014 in Most Popular Music Videos

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I never thought I’d say this, but thank Based God for One Direction. Seriously, for a second it looked like Sister Cristina, winner of the 2014 season of The Voice of Italy, was going to have the most popular music video of the week with a strange remake of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” Just think about that for a second - that was almost the world we lived in. Luckily, the 1D boys swooped in and took the number one spot from her with the video for “Steal My Girl” and now everything feels right. I’m not saying One Direction is some amazing band deserving of a ton of attention, but at least they’re a real band, Sister Cristina is a literal nun who won a reality show. Plus, 1D got Danny Devito to be in their video, and he’s short and old! So that’s neat.

Gwen Stefani, Drake, Foo Fighters, Ricky Martin, and all the gang also make appearance on this list, Jaden Smith even shows up for a second to remind everyone how weird he is. All in all, it was an interesting week for popular music videos, so if you’re interested, check out this playlist of the top 25 most popular videos of the week. Take it from me, they’re interesting. Then once you’re done, you should come out and hang. We’re all at Applebee’s grabbing a bite and I think then we’re going bowling in Williamsburg after, it should me sweet!

One Direction 'Steal My Girl' music video

1. Steal My Girl

One Direction

Director: Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner

Sister Cristina 'Like A Virgin' music video

2. Like A Virgin

Sister Cristina

Director: Marco Salom

Rob Cantor 'Shia LaBeouf' music video

3. Shia LaBeouf

Rob Cantor

Director: Scott Uhlfelder

Gwen Stefani 'Baby Don't Lie' music video

4. Baby Don't Lie

Gwen Stefani

Director: Sophie Muller, Weirdcore

iLoveMakonnen 'Tuesday' music video

5. Tuesday


Director: Goodwin

Foo Fighters 'Something From Nothing' music video

6. Something From Nothing

Foo Fighters

Ricky Martin 'Adiós' music video

7. Adiós

Ricky Martin

Director: Ethan Lader

Jaden Smith 'Blue Ocean' music video

8. Blue Ocean

Jaden Smith

Clean Bandit 'Real Love' music video

9. Real Love

Clean Bandit

Director: Jack Patterson

In This Moment 'Sick Like Me' music video

10. Sick Like Me

In This Moment

Director: Robert John Kley, Maria Brink


Doug Klinger is the co-founder/content director of IMVDb and watches more music videos than anyone on earth. You can find him on twitter at @doug_klinger.

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