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Last month, YouTube put out a list that claimed to show the "top trending" music videos of 2021. We're here to tell you that this list is a hoax. Not only does it omit several of the most watched videos of the year, it's not even ordered based on view count.… Read More

UKMVAs Call For Entries

Posted by Doug Klinger on July 26, 2016 in Event Coverage

The world needs more people celebrating music videos as an art form. It needs more people championing music video directors, and the rest of their crew all the way down the line. Basically, it needs more people doing what the UK Music Video Awards do. Heading into their 9th year,… Read More

SXSW 2015 Music Video Lineup

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 10, 2015 in Event Coverage

SXSW 2015 is only a few weeks away, and today they released the program for their music video competition! It's a pretty tight list that's definitely worth getting excited for if you're heading to Austin this year. We've been to SXSW two years in a row now, will we be… Read More

Last week, director David Wilson gave us the first mind-blowing music video of 2015 with the release of “Out Of The Black” by Royal Blood, co-directed by Superjail! creator Christy Karacas. The half animated, half live action video is packed full of over the top violence that is equal parts fun… Read More

Take a beautiful journey around earth and beyond with First Aid Kit in “Master Pretender," directed by Kyle Cogan. The animated video is full of warm colors and charming images, starting with what appears to be Johanna and Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit running through the forest and climbing trees. It’s… Read More

There are less than 10 shopping days left until Christmas, you guys. Have you gotten everyone you love something awesome? If not, you’re definitely running out of time. Luckily, if you have Celine Marie or any of the members of The Fall Four on your list this year, you don’t… Read More

The Best Music Videos of 2014

Posted by Doug Klinger on December 11, 2014 in Lists

In music video terms, 2013 was a tough act to follow. Far removed from the uncertain days when the internet wasn’t quite ready to deliver video on demand and cable channels were no longer interested in music video programming, 2013 was a coming of age year for an art form… Read More

It’s December, and that means the Christmas music videos are here! Are you excited? We sure are! Not only for the music videos, but also because Applebee's has some great Christmas day specials that we always take advantage of. There are Christmas music videos all up and down this playlist… Read More

Inspired by our Art of Music Videos social media project, Music Video Walkthrough is a blog series where directors walk us through their music videos using several images. This time, director Derek Beck walks us through the sharply edited video for "Company" by Caddywhompus - a seven month long labor… Read More

Have you guys heard of Taylor Swift? She’s like a singer and a songwriter and stuff. The guy sitting next to me at the bar at Applebee’s told me she won like seven Grammys or fifteen American Music Awards or something like that. You should check her out if you… Read More

If there is one thing we’ve learned in 2014, it’s that Ariana Grande is cool as heck. While the fact that she is cool is undeniable, what makes her cool is slightly less clear. Luckily, last week she released a music video for “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd and… Read More

“Broken Ones” by Jacquie Lee is an empowering song about celebrating the people who feel imperfect, out of place, or forgotten. In the video, Jacquie performs the song alone in empty and neglected spaces, appearing to embody one of these “broken” characters that she sings about. Director Max Nichols then… Read More

I never thought I’d say this, but thank Based God for One Direction. Seriously, for a second it looked like Sister Cristina, winner of the 2014 season of The Voice of Italy, was going to have the most popular music video of the week with a strange remake of Madonna’s… Read More

What is a music video? That’s one of mankind's oldest quandaries. One that we grapple with every day here at IMVDb. “Is this a music video or a lyric video?””Is this a music video or a live performance?””Is this a music video or just a man dancing in his living… Read More

“Dangerous” by Shaman's Harvest is a song about a dude with nothing to lose - a glutton for punishment without a care in the world, or in other words, someone who is pretty dangerous. In the video, director Kyle Cogan mirrors the danger established in the song, but rather than… Read More

Inspired by our Art of Music Videos social media project, Music Video Walkthrough is a blog series where directors walk us through their music videos using several still images. We begin this series with director Carlos Lopez Estrada and his video for "Inside Out" by Clipping, which features frontman Daveed Diggs headless and walking through downtown… Read More

Last week, we had a Spanish language video take the top spot for most popular music video. This week, it’s a Korean language video taking that title, with "Sugar Free (BigRoom Version)" by T-ARA coming in at #1 with over 950k views. While the most popular video of all time… Read More

There are some songs out there that just make you happy. As soon as you hear them, you just can’t help to think happy thoughts, about things like flowers, babies, or finding $5 in the dryer. “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who is one of those songs. Every time you… Read More

Yesterday, singer/songwriter Vance Joy released his awesome debut studio LP Dream Your Life Away on Atlantic Records. While Vance is set to release his fourth single from the album later this month, the lead single, “Riptide,” continues to generate a buzz. The incredibly catchy song has a light hearted, quirky… Read More

“Special” by Billon feat. Maxine Ashley is a song about a lady who needs someone in her life to make her feel special. Directed by Roboshobo, the video centers around a teenage girl who has found that special someone, and after about 30 seconds of bedroom underwear dancing, it is… Read More

“Inside Out” by Clipping is a music video sequel to the band’s last collaboration with director Carlos Lopez Estrada, “Work Work,” which was released back in May. In “Work Work,” Clipping MC Daveed Diggs spends the whole video biting a curb until his head is stomped by featured artist Cocc… Read More

It’s no surprise that the week after the VMAs, the most popular video features the three ladies who opened the show: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Their video for “Bang Bang,” directed by Hanna Lux Davis, was a fun a stylish blockbuster that pulled in over 6.5 million… Read More

The first guests on our inaugural podcast episode back in in February 2011 – then called The FilmedInsert Podcast – was director Mike Diva (who joined us along with PDFlo and Josh Harraway). One of the things we talked about in that episode what Mike’s prank video Sexy sax man… Read More

Hannah Lux Davis has become the go-to director for the post-VMA pop star blockbuster music video. Last year, she was in New York the day after the VMAs directing “23” by Mike WiLL Made It feat. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J – one of the biggest videos if the year, currently… Read More

Hiro Murai’s newest music video for “#CAKE” by Shabazz Palaces centers around a deserted, broken down city that has been taken over by giant heads and snakes. The video follows a young man running through the city as he encounters surreal object that seem inspired by Shabazz Palaces’ new album… Read More