All Music Videos Released in November 2008

Basshunter 'All I Ever Wanted' music video

All I Ever Wanted (2008)


Basshunter 'Angel In The Night' music video

Angel In The Night (2008)


OOMPH! 'Auf Kurs' music video

Auf Kurs (2008)


James Morrison 'Broken Strings' music video

Broken Strings (2008)

James Morrison

Director: Micah Meisner

Opeth 'Burden' music video

Burden (2008)


Director: Lasse Hoile

The Weepies 'Can't Go Back Now' music video

Can't Go Back Now (2008)

The Weepies

Zac Brown Band 'Chicken Fried' music video

Chicken Fried (2008)

Zac Brown Band

Director: Clifton Collins Jr.

Florence + The Machine 'Dog Days Are Over' music video

Dog Days Are Over (Original Version) (2008)

Florence + The Machine

Director: Tom Beard, Tabitha Denholm

Parry Gripp 'Dramatic Chipmunk Hey' music video

Dramatic Chipmunk Hey (2008)

Parry Gripp

Vatra 'Eskim' music video

Eskim (2008)


Plants And Animals 'Feedback in the Field' music video

Feedback in the Field (2008)

Plants And Animals

The Casualties 'Get Off My Back' music video

Get Off My Back (2008)

The Casualties

Bedouin Soundclash 'Gyasi Went Home' music video

Gyasi Went Home (2008)

Bedouin Soundclash

Hauschka 'Heimat' music video

Heimat (2008)


Archangel 'How To Lose Your Best Friend' music video

How To Lose Your Best Friend (2008)


Plushgun 'Just Impolite' music video

Just Impolite (2008)


Depresszió 'Kezdjük el!' music video

Kezdjük el! (2008)


Nuno & The End 'Lounge' music video

Lounge (2008)

Nuno & The End

Basta 'Mama' music video

Mama (2008)


Volbeat 'Mary Ann's Place' music video

Mary Ann's Place (2008)


Divine Brown 'Meet Me at the Roxy' music video

Meet Me at the Roxy (2008)

Divine Brown

Sinik 'Mes Pensées' music video

Mes Pensées (2008)


Edguy 'Ministry Of Saints' music video

Ministry Of Saints (2008)


Mira 'More pesok' music video

More pesok (2008)


Army Navy 'My Thin Sides' music video

My Thin Sides (2008)

Army Navy

Ultrabeat (2) 'Never Ever' music video

Never Ever (2008)


Big D and the Kids Table 'Noise Complaint' music video

Noise Complaint (2008)

Big D and the Kids Table

The Casualties 'On City's Streets' music video

On City's Streets (2008)

The Casualties

Nuno & The End 'Plain' music video

Plain (2008)

Nuno & The End

Agnes 'Release Me' music video

Release Me (Version 1) (2008)


Director: Anders Rune

7L & Esoteric 'Retrospects' music video

Retrospects (2008)

7L & Esoteric

Emmon 'Secrets & Lies' music video

Secrets & Lies (2008)


Parry Gripp 'Shopping Penguin' music video

Shopping Penguin (2008)

Parry Gripp

Pink 'Sober' music video

Sober (2008)


Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Dusty Rhodes And The River Band 'Street Fighter' music video

Street Fighter (2008)

Dusty Rhodes And The River Band

Jon Lajoie 'Too Fast' music video

Too Fast (2008)

Jon Lajoie

Director: Jon Lajoie

Nuno & The End 'Tunnel' music video

Tunnel (2008)

Nuno & The End

Suicide Silence 'Unanswered' music video

Unanswered (2008)

Suicide Silence

SSION 'Warm Glove' music video

Warm Glove (2008)


A Skylit Drive 'Wires and the Concept of Breathing' music video

Wires and the Concept of Breathing (2008)

A Skylit Drive

Director: Scott Hansen

Parry Gripp 'Young Girl Talking About Herself' music video

Young Girl Talking About Herself (2008)

Parry Gripp

Željko Samardži? 'Živi Bili Pa Videli' music video

Živi Bili Pa Videli (2008)

Željko Samardži?