Animal Cloud 'Animal' music video

Animal (2015)

Animal Cloud

TOPS 'Anything' music video

Anything (2015)


Director: Tommy Keith

Joon Moon 'Apple Day' music video

Apple Day (2015)

Joon Moon

Director: Eric Beaupré

Kamelot 'Babí léto' music video

Babí léto (2015)


Spek Won 'Black Body' music video

Black Body (2015)

Spek Won

Steve Angello 'Children Of The Wild' music video

Children Of The Wild (2015)

Steve Angello

Director: Guillaume Panariello

Immanuel Casto 'Da grande sarai fr**io' music video

Da grande sarai fr**io (2015)

Immanuel Casto

Director: Immanuel Casto, Filo Baietti

Mike WiLL Made It 'Drinks On Us' music video

Drinks On Us (2015)

Mike WiLL Made It

Laura Carbone 'Exes' music video

Exes (2015)

Laura Carbone

Laura Clock 'Fade' music video

Fade (2015)

Laura Clock

Director: Ben Elliot

Yo Gotti 'Fuck Em' music video

Fuck Em (2015)

Yo Gotti

George FitzGerald 'Full Circle' music video

Full Circle (2015)

George FitzGerald

Omi 'Hula Hoop' music video

Hula Hoop (2015)


Director: Lenny Bass

LNKAY 'Hurricane' music video

Hurricane (2015)


Fran-P 'Hypertension 2.0' music video

Hypertension 2.0 (2015)


Jess Moskaluke 'Kiss Me Quiet' music video

Kiss Me Quiet (2015)

Jess Moskaluke

Georgia 'Kombine' music video

Kombine (2015)


Director: Weirdcore

Deep Cotton 'Let's Get Caught' music video

Let's Get Caught (2015)

Deep Cotton

Director: Motion Family

CocoRosie 'Lost Girls' music video

Lost Girls (2015)


Director: Sepia

Black Wing 'Luther' music video

Luther (2015)

Black Wing

Director: Gardenback

Cold Specks 'Neuroplasticity' music video

Neuroplasticity (2015)

Cold Specks

The Neighbourhood 'R.I.P. 2 My Youth' music video

R.I.P. 2 My Youth (2015)

The Neighbourhood

Director: Hype Williams

Kelela 'Rewind' music video

Rewind (2015)


Director: Eric K. Yue

Bad Bad Hats 'Shame' music video

Shame (2015)

Bad Bad Hats

Måns Zelmerlöw 'Should've Gone Home' music video

Should've Gone Home (2015)

Måns Zelmerlöw

Director: Mikeadelica

Ibeyi 'Stranger Lover' music video

Stranger Lover (2015)


Director: Léo Bigiaoui, Maxime Baudin

Gary Clark Jr. 'The Healing' music video

The Healing (2015)

Gary Clark Jr.

Director: Gaston Jouany

James Supercave 'The Right Thing' music video

The Right Thing (2015)

James Supercave

The Big Moon 'The Road' music video

The Road (2015)

The Big Moon

Director: John Fitzpatrick

Prince Monaco 'The Way She Goes' music video

The Way She Goes (2015)

Prince Monaco

Anja Nissen 'Triumph' music video

Triumph (2015)

Anja Nissen

Director: Marc Furmie

Curse Ov Dialect 'Twisted Strangers' music video

Twisted Strangers (2015)

Curse Ov Dialect

Director: Antuong Nguyen

Shayna Leigh 'Typhoon' music video

Typhoon (2015)

Shayna Leigh

Director: Virginia Crawford

Dolly Style 'Upsy Daisy' music video

Upsy Daisy (2015)

Dolly Style

Daniel Bambaata Marley 'Waiting for the War' music video

Waiting for the War (2015)

Daniel Bambaata Marley

A Love Like Pi 'Wide Awake' music video

Wide Awake (2015)

A Love Like Pi