sir Was 'A Minor Life' music video

A Minor Life (2016)

sir Was

Director: Fredrik Egerstrand

Tyson Motsenbocker 'Always' music video

Always (2016)

Tyson Motsenbocker

Ape-ettes 'Bless This Mess' music video

Bless This Mess (2016)


Turtle 'Body' music video

Body (2016)


Sturgill Simpson 'Brace For Impact (Live A Little)' music video

Brace For Impact (Live A Little) (2016)

Sturgill Simpson

Director: Matt Mahurin

Natives 'Chasing Lions' music video

Chasing Lions (2016)


Mali Music 'Contradiction' music video

Contradiction (2016)

Mali Music

Director: Davis Silis

Run The Jewels 'CROWN' music video

CROWN (2016)

Run The Jewels

Director: Peter Martin

Chairlift 'Crying in Public' music video

Crying in Public (2016)


Director: Allie Avital

Gareth Emery 'CVNT5' music video

CVNT5 (2016)

Gareth Emery

Director: Tony Yacenda

Silent Wave 'Dancing Away From You' music video

Dancing Away From You (2016)

Silent Wave

R5 'Dark Side' music video

Dark Side (2016)


Laser 'Disco Night Driver' music video

Disco Night Driver (2016)


Cat's Eyes 'Drag' music video

Drag (2016)

Cat's Eyes

Director: James Lawes

Brisa Roché 'Each One Of Us' music video

Each One Of Us (2016)

Brisa Roché

Helios 'Embrace' music video

Embrace (2016)


KORR-A 'Everybody Get Down' music video

Everybody Get Down (2016)


Director: Jensen Noen

The Last Shadow Puppets 'Everything You've Come To Expect' music video

Everything You've Come To Expect (2016)

The Last Shadow Puppets

Director: Saam Farahmand

Reese 'Freaknique' music video

Freaknique (2016)


Director: Peter Dmitriyev

DANA 'Head' music video

Head (2016)


Oberhofer 'Hey Man' music video

Hey Man (2016)


Montaigne 'In The Dark' music video

In The Dark (2016)


Director: Guy Franklin

Jerry Bogan 'Let It Rain' music video

Let It Rain (2016)

Jerry Bogan

FEMME 'Light Me Up' music video

Light Me Up (2016)


Director: FEMME

Kodak Black 'Like Dat' music video

Like Dat (2016)

Kodak Black

Mayer Hawthorne 'Love Like That' music video

Love Like That (2016)

Mayer Hawthorne

Director: Y2K

Dark Polo Gang 'Mafia' music video

Mafia (2016)

Dark Polo Gang

Director: Alxssvndroman

Yates 'Mercury' music video

Mercury (2016)


K. Michelle 'Mindful' music video

Mindful (2016)

K. Michelle

Thin Lips 'Never Again' music video

Never Again (2016)

Thin Lips

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros 'No Love Like Yours' music video

No Love Like Yours (2016)

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Director: Olivia Wilde

Pompeya 'OOOOO (Cry About It)' music video

OOOOO (Cry About It) (2016)


Sadistik 'Out The Dark' music video

Out The Dark (2016)


Director: Tim Slusarczyk

Body-san 'Picking Up Strange' music video

Picking Up Strange (2016)


Liima 'Roger Waters' music video

Roger Waters (2016)


Director: Plastic Zoo

Against The Current 'Running With The Wild Things' music video

Running With The Wild Things (2016)

Against The Current

Director: Samuel Gursky, Eric Teti

Neck Deep 'Serpents' music video

Serpents (2016)

Neck Deep

Director: Miguel Barbosa

Sauti Sol 'Unconditionally Bae' music video

Unconditionally Bae (2016)

Sauti Sol

Director: Justin Campos, Enos Olik

VO5 'We're Getting Older' music video

We're Getting Older (2016)