Anna Of The North 'Baby' music video

Baby (2016)

Anna Of The North

Director: Peter Pint

Vince Irie 'Be There' music video

Be There (2016)

Vince Irie

Director: David Wever

Baby Alpaca 'Can't Find My Way' music video

Can't Find My Way (2016)

Baby Alpaca

Director: Benji Staker, Chris Kittrell

Ulysse 'Cashmere Guns' music video

Cashmere Guns (2016)


Director: Benoit Do Quang

Borderlands 'Children Of The Sun' music video

Children Of The Sun (2016)


Random Dogs 'Claim to Fame' music video

Claim to Fame (2016)

Random Dogs

Brett 'Dans Un Autre Reve' music video

Dans Un Autre Reve (2016)


JP Cooper 'Five More Days' music video

Five More Days (2016)

JP Cooper

SHVPES 'God Warrior' music video

God Warrior (2016)


Popcaan 'High All Day' music video

High All Day (2016)


Gianski 'Hoeft Niet' music video

Hoeft Niet (2016)


Nite Jewel 'Kiss the Screen' music video

Kiss the Screen (2016)

Nite Jewel

Director: Delaney Bishop

VI Seconds 'Last Laugh' music video

Last Laugh (2016)

VI Seconds

Phora 'Like Me' music video

Like Me (2016)


Director: George Orozco

Sean Tizzle 'Like To Party' music video

Like To Party (2016)

Sean Tizzle

Cadenza 'No Drama' music video

No Drama (2016)


Director: Pussykrew

Soil Collectors 'Nomad' music video

Nomad (2016)

Soil Collectors

Nyashinski 'Now You Know' music video

Now You Know (2016)


Astronauts of Antiquity 'Paradise' music video

Paradise (2016)

Astronauts of Antiquity

Drake of Chiraq 'Perky's Callin (Remix)' music video

Perky's Callin (Remix) (2016)

Drake of Chiraq

Duke Marlin 'Planes' music video

Planes (2016)

Duke Marlin

Søren Juul 'Pushing Me Away' music video

Pushing Me Away (2016)

Søren Juul

Director: Marisa Gesualdi

Ultrviolence 'Radiation' music video

Radiation (2016)


AL¥X VANCE BITCH 'Rappers Are Cumming' music video

Rappers Are Cumming (2016)


Charly Bliss 'Ruby' music video

Ruby (2016)

Charly Bliss

Director: Andrew Costa

Mighty Mystic 'Solid As The Rock' music video

Solid As The Rock (2016)

Mighty Mystic

Karmin 'Sugar' music video

Sugar (2016)


Director: Stewart Yost

Few Bits 'Summer Sun' music video

Summer Sun (2016)

Few Bits

Director: Raven Price, Matthias Bastiaens

Self Provoked 'Supposedly' music video

Supposedly (2016)

Self Provoked

Director: Nick Rodriguez

Westhouse 'Tell Me What You See' music video

Tell Me What You See (2016)


Róisín Murphy 'Ten Miles High' music video

Ten Miles High (2016)

Róisín Murphy

Director: Róisín Murphy

Dead Letter Circus 'The Burning Number' music video

The Burning Number (2016)

Dead Letter Circus

Hadag Nahash 'The Ground Trembled' music video

The Ground Trembled (2016)

Hadag Nahash

Director: Tal Zagreba

Coldplay 'Up&Up' music video

Up&Up (2016)


John Grant 'Voodoo Doll' music video

Voodoo Doll (2016)

John Grant

Now You Make Me Angry 'When She Turned 18' music video

When She Turned 18 (2016)

Now You Make Me Angry

Director: Rose Young