Francesqa 'All I Had' music video

All I Had (2013)


Director: Ben Thornley, Paul Burrows

Justin Bieber 'All That Matters' music video

All That Matters (2013)

Justin Bieber

Director: Colin Tilley

San Mei 'Brighter' music video

Brighter (2013)

San Mei

The Orwells 'Dirty Sheets' music video

Dirty Sheets (2013)

The Orwells

Director: Eddie O'Keefe

Robbie Williams 'Dream A Little Dream' music video

Dream A Little Dream (2013)

Robbie Williams

Director: Chris Sweeney

Mister Kama 'Enthusiasm' music video

Enthusiasm (2013)

Mister Kama

You Me At Six 'Fresh Start Fever' music video

Fresh Start Fever (2013)

You Me At Six

Primal Scream 'Goodbye Johnny' music video

Goodbye Johnny (2013)

Primal Scream

Young Galaxy 'Hard To Tell' music video

Hard To Tell (2013)

Young Galaxy

Director: Carine Khalifé

The Prime Eights 'Helen Highwater' music video

Helen Highwater (2013)

The Prime Eights

Director: Jason M. Schultz

Vybz Kartel 'Hi' music video

Hi (2013)

Vybz Kartel

Marty McIntosh 'I'll Just Leave It All Alone' music video

I'll Just Leave It All Alone (2013)

Marty McIntosh

Danko Jones 'Legs' music video

Legs (2013)

Danko Jones

Director: Bruce LaBruce

Stan Walker 'Like It's Over' music video

Like It's Over (2013)

Stan Walker

The Coup 'Long Island Iced Tea, Neat' music video

Long Island Iced Tea, Neat (2013)

The Coup

Devendra Banhart 'Mondo Taurobolium' music video

Mondo Taurobolium (2013)

Devendra Banhart

Bed of Stars 'Nothing Left To Lose' music video

Nothing Left To Lose (2013)

Bed of Stars

Little Daylight 'Overdose' music video

Overdose (2013)

Little Daylight

Director: Special Problems, Campbell Hooper

Dmac 'Panoramic' music video

Panoramic (2013)


Blue Daisy 'Psychotic Love' music video

Psychotic Love (2013)

Blue Daisy

Director: Tim Crawley

Taryn Reneau 'Resolution' music video

Resolution (2013)

Taryn Reneau

Manou 'Sadie' music video

Sadie (2013)


Director: Elmäx

Ghostpoet 'Season Change' music video

Season Change (2013)


Nick Cannon 'Shake It Like A White Lady' music video

Shake It Like A White Lady (2013)

Nick Cannon

Grouplove 'Shark Attack' music video

Shark Attack (2013)


Director: Cameron Duddy

High On Fire 'Slave The Hive' music video

Slave The Hive (2013)

High On Fire

Edidon 'Slow Down' music video

Slow Down (2013)


WOOF 'Still Snorkeling' music video

Still Snorkeling (2013)


Pol 'Sto Ypografw' music video

Sto Ypografw (2013)


I Cani 'Storia di un artista' music video

Storia di un artista (2013)

I Cani

Cairo 'Szilveszter éjjel' music video

Szilveszter éjjel (2013)


Lorde 'Team' music video

Team (2013)


Doomtree 'Team The Best Team' music video

Team The Best Team (2013)


Director: Chris Hadland

Trails And Ways 'Tereza' music video

Tereza (2013)

Trails And Ways

Joan As Police Woman 'The Classic' music video

The Classic (2013)

Joan As Police Woman

Director: Ehud Lazin

Simple Plan 'The Rest of Us' music video

The Rest of Us (2013)

Simple Plan

Director: Simple Plan

A$AP Mob 'Trillmatic' music video

Trillmatic (2013)

A$AP Mob

Director: Jonah Schwartz

Laura Groves 'Waterfalls' music video

Waterfalls (2013)

Laura Groves

Director: Laura Coulson

The Vamps 'Wild Heart' music video

Wild Heart (2013)

The Vamps

Director: Nick Bartleet

Michael Bublé 'You Make Me Feel So Young' music video

You Make Me Feel So Young (2013)

Michael Bublé

Director: Brett Sullivan