All Music Videos Released in December 2013

Beyoncé '***Flawless' music video

***Flawless (2013)


Director: Jake Nava

Rich Gang '100 Favors' music video

100 Favors (2013)

Rich Gang

Shanell '101' music video

101 (2013)


Emmure '2014' music video

2014 (2013)


Childish Gambino '3005' music video

3005 (2013)

Childish Gambino

Capital STEEZ '47 Piiirates' music video

47 Piiirates (2013)

Capital STEEZ

Emis Killa 'A cena dai tuoi' music video

A cena dai tuoi (2013)

Emis Killa

Run The Jewels 'A Christmas Fucking Miracle' music video

A Christmas Fucking Miracle (2013)

Run The Jewels

Blouse 'A Feeling Like This' music video

A Feeling Like This (2013)


Famy 'a Ho a Hand' music video

a Ho a Hand (2013)


Mic Righteous 'A Statement' music video

A Statement (2013)

Mic Righteous

Giovanni Allevi 'Adeste fideles' music video

Adeste fideles (2013)

Giovanni Allevi

Miley Cyrus 'Adore You' music video

Adore You (2013)

Miley Cyrus

Director: Rankin

Mutual Benefit 'Advanced Falconry' music video

Advanced Falconry (2013)

Mutual Benefit

Skeme 'Ain't Perfect' music video

Ain't Perfect (2013)


Chanel West Coast 'Alcoholic' music video

Alcoholic (2013)

Chanel West Coast

Chase & Status 'Alive' music video

Alive (2013)

Chase & Status

Dami Im 'Alive' music video

Alive (2013)

Dami Im

Mandy Ringdal 'Alive At 25' music video

Alive At 25 (2013)

Mandy Ringdal

Francesqa 'All I Had' music video

All I Had (2013)


2NE1 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' music video

All I Want For Christmas Is You (2013)


Juno 'All My Days' music video

All My Days (2013)


Netra 'All Over Again (Choir Version)' music video

All Over Again (Choir Version) (2013)


Justin Bieber 'All That Matters' music video

All That Matters (2013)

Justin Bieber

Director: Colin Tilley

Geri X 'All The Money's Gone' music video

All The Money's Gone (2013)

Geri X

Tamar Braxton 'All the Way Home' music video

All the Way Home (2013)

Tamar Braxton

Beware Of Darkness 'All Who Remain' music video

All Who Remain (2013)

Beware Of Darkness

Doris Hopp 'Allt Jag Vill Är Att Du Vill' music video

Allt Jag Vill Är Att Du Vill (2013)

Doris Hopp

Pakho Chau 'Alpha' music video

Alpha (2013)

Pakho Chau

The Silent Comedy 'Always Two' music video

Always Two (2013)

The Silent Comedy

Andrea Nardinocchi 'Amare qualcuno' music video

Amare qualcuno (2013)

Andrea Nardinocchi

Etan Salomon 'And You're Not' music video

And You're Not (2013)

Etan Salomon

Pentatonix 'Angels We Have Heard On High' music video

Angels We Have Heard On High (2013)


Kopecky Family Band 'Angry Eyes' music video

Angry Eyes (2013)

Kopecky Family Band

Pixies 'Another Toe In The Ocean' music video

Another Toe In The Ocean (2013)


Demarco 'Apartment' music video

Apartment (2013)


Disclosure 'Apollo' music video

Apollo (2013)


Sense Sal 'Ara' music video

Ara (2013)

Sense Sal

Kyle Rapps 'Architecture' music video

Architecture (2013)

Kyle Rapps

Trancedam 'Aren't You Clever?' music video

Aren't You Clever? (2013)


La Lupita 'Arrójame' music video

Arrójame (2013)

La Lupita

The Exploding Voids 'As It Comes' music video

As It Comes (2013)

The Exploding Voids

Soulja Boy 'At The Top' music video

At The Top (2013)

Soulja Boy

Andra 'Atata timp cat ma iubesti' music video

Atata timp cat ma iubesti (2013)


William Onyeabor 'Atomic Bomb' music video

Atomic Bomb (2013)

William Onyeabor