All Music Videos Released in August 2013

Busta Rhymes '#TWERKIT' music video

#TWERKIT (2013)

Busta Rhymes

Heartsrevolution '$ex' music video

$ex (2013)


Big Sean '10 2 10' music video

10 2 10 (2013)

Big Sean

SHADOW SHADOW '1000001' music video

1000001 (2013)


Johnny Burgos '15 Seconds Of Fame' music video

15 Seconds Of Fame (2013)

Johnny Burgos

AFI '17 Crimes' music video

17 Crimes (2013)


CVIRO '187' music video

187 (2013)


Gibonni '20th Century Man' music video

20th Century Man (2013)


Dula-Mite x De'Aires '2850 E. Cedar Ave' music video

2850 E. Cedar Ave (2013)

Dula-Mite x De'Aires

Rhye '3 Days' music video

3 Days (2013)


ZZ Ward '365 Days' music video

365 Days (2013)

ZZ Ward

Rich Gang '50 Plates' music video

50 Plates (2013)

Rich Gang

Tensnake '58 BPM' music video

58 BPM (2013)


5Loops '7707' music video

7707 (2013)


Adam's Plastic Pond 'A Brief History of English Literature' music video

A Brief History of English Literature (2013)

Adam's Plastic Pond

Fergie 'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)' music video

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) (2013)


Director: Philip Andelman, Fatima Robinson

DiazMentha 'A Part' music video

A Part (2013)


I The Mighty 'A Spoonful of Shallow Makes Your Head an Empty Space' music video

A Spoonful of Shallow Makes Your Head an Empty Space (2013)

I The Mighty

Prita Chhabra 'Aaja (Come To My Heart)' music video

Aaja (Come To My Heart) (2013)

Prita Chhabra

Call of the Void 'Abomination' music video

Abomination (2013)

Call of the Void

Attila 'About That Life' music video

About That Life (2013)


Waka Flocka Flame 'Activist' music video

Activist (2013)

Waka Flocka Flame

Ted Z & The Wranglers 'Afraid of Dying' music video

Afraid of Dying (2013)

Ted Z & The Wranglers

Jaheim 'Age Ain't A Factor' music video

Age Ain't A Factor (2013)


Bandish Projekt 'Alchemy' music video

Alchemy (2013)

Bandish Projekt

Raekwon 'All About You' music video

All About You (2013)


Fake Blood 'All In The Blink' music video

All In The Blink (2013)

Fake Blood

Miranda Lambert 'All Kinds of Kinds' music video

All Kinds of Kinds (2013)

Miranda Lambert

Example 'All The Wrong Places' music video

All The Wrong Places (2013)


Golden Animals 'All Your Life' music video

All Your Life (2013)

Golden Animals

Schattenherz 'Alles klingt' music video

Alles klingt (2013)


Ariana Grande 'Almost Is Never Enough' music video

Almost Is Never Enough (2013)

Ariana Grande

Director: Nev Todorovic

Soulja Boy 'Alotta Bandz' music video

Alotta Bandz (2013)

Soulja Boy

Hot Natured 'Alternate State' music video

Alternate State (2013)

Hot Natured

Day Above Ground 'American Dream' music video

American Dream (2013)

Day Above Ground

Alex Goot 'American Girl' music video

American Girl (2013)

Alex Goot

Robert Rolfe Feddersen 'American Loser' music video

American Loser (2013)

Robert Rolfe Feddersen

Alessandra Amoroso 'Amore Puro' music video

Amore Puro (2013)

Alessandra Amoroso

No Age 'An Impression' music video

An Impression (2013)

No Age

New Years Day 'Angel Eyes' music video

Angel Eyes (2013)

New Years Day

Cerebral Ballzy 'Another Day' music video

Another Day (2013)

Cerebral Ballzy

Foot Village 'Anti-Magic' music video

Anti-Magic (2013)

Foot Village

Lady Gaga 'Applause' music video

Applause (2013)

Lady Gaga

Director: Inez & Vinoodh

Kim Deal 'Are You Mine?' music video

Are You Mine? (2013)

Kim Deal

Lady Lazarus 'Argosy' music video

Argosy (2013)

Lady Lazarus