The Chainsmokers '#SELFIE' music video

#SELFIE (2014)

The Chainsmokers

Director: Taylor Stephens, Ike Love Jones

Big Sean '1st Quarter Freestyle' music video

1st Quarter Freestyle (2014)

Big Sean

Director: Mike Carson

Bear Hands 'Agora' music video

Agora (2014)

Bear Hands

Director: Ted Feldman

Paramore 'Ain't It Fun' music video

Ain't It Fun (2014)


Director: Sophia Peer

The Dirty Youth 'Alive' music video

Alive (2014)

The Dirty Youth

Director: Ben Thornley, Paul Burrows

Elle Mary & The Bad Men 'Angels' music video

Angels (2014)

Elle Mary & The Bad Men

Stone Temple Pilots 'Black Heart' music video

Black Heart (2014)

Stone Temple Pilots

Director: Glendon & Isabella

Simon Norrsveden 'Bloodsucker boy' music video

Bloodsucker boy (2014)

Simon Norrsveden

Director: Mats Udd

GPK 'Bouger' music video

Bouger (2014)


Offsix 'D'N'A' music video

D'N'A (2014)


Deerhoof 'Flower' music video

Flower (2014)


Director: Owen Donovan, Yuan Liu

Client Liaison 'Free of Fear' music video

Free of Fear (2014)

Client Liaison

Director: Jack Peddey

Chelsea Lankes 'Ghost' music video

Ghost (2014)

Chelsea Lankes

Director: Alex Beh

My Sad Captains 'Goodbye' music video

Goodbye (2014)

My Sad Captains

Director: Dan Davis

TOY 'It's Been So Long' music video

It's Been So Long (2014)


Director: Douglas Hart

We Are Shining 'Killing' music video

Killing (2014)

We Are Shining

Director: Ed Morris

Kyo 'L'équilibre' music video

L'équilibre (2014)


Kaskade 'Last Chance' music video

Last Chance (2014)


Director: Änders Rostad

Kyo 'Le Graal' music video

Le Graal (2014)


YG 'Left, Right' music video

Left, Right (2014)


Salt Ashes 'Little Dove' music video

Little Dove (2014)

Salt Ashes

Arthur Beatrice 'Midland' music video

Midland (2014)

Arthur Beatrice

Director: Oliver Pearch

Jackson Harris 'Miss Me' music video

Miss Me (2014)

Jackson Harris

Demi Lovato 'Neon Lights (Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 Remix)' music video

Neon Lights (Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 Remix) (2014)

Demi Lovato

Director: Ryan Pallotta

Pop-A-Lot 'Overstand Me' music video

Overstand Me (2014)


Rudimental 'Powerless' music video

Powerless (2014)


Director: David Edwards

Justin Caruso 'Satellite' music video

Satellite (2014)

Justin Caruso

Uzi 'Scene Girl' music video

Scene Girl (2014)


Tarakany! 'Schlechte Tänzer' music video

Schlechte Tänzer (2014)


Director: Alexander Solomakhin

Jean Fight 'Snow Bunny's Revenge' music video

Snow Bunny's Revenge (2014)

Jean Fight

Ace Reporter 'Stick To' music video

Stick To (2014)

Ace Reporter

Kalin And Myles 'Stuck In a Kodak' music video

Stuck In a Kodak (2014)

Kalin And Myles

Blossomer 'To The Sea' music video

To The Sea (2014)


Sam Roberts Band 'We're All In This Together' music video

We're All In This Together (2014)

Sam Roberts Band

Director: George Vale