Tinashe '2 On' music video

2 On (2014)


Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Elyar Fox 'A Billion Girls' music video

A Billion Girls (2014)

Elyar Fox

The Young Punx 'All These Things Are Gone' music video

All These Things Are Gone (2014)

The Young Punx

Shonen Knife 'Bad Luck Song' music video

Bad Luck Song (2014)

Shonen Knife

Colin Huntley 'Best I Never Had' music video

Best I Never Had (2014)

Colin Huntley

Director: Nayip Ramos

Damien 'Bone Crusher' music video

Bone Crusher (2014)


Showtek & Ookay 'Bouncer' music video

Bouncer (2014)

Showtek & Ookay

Weaves 'Buttercup' music video

Buttercup (2014)


Mister D. 'Chleb' music video

Chleb (2014)

Mister D.

Director: Krzysztof Skonieczny

Luis Fonsi 'Corazón En La Maleta' music video

Corazón En La Maleta (2014)

Luis Fonsi

Director: Carlos Pérez

The Wonder Years 'Dismantling Summer' music video

Dismantling Summer (2014)

The Wonder Years

Director: Drew Russ

In Hearts Wake 'Divine' music video

Divine (2014)

In Hearts Wake

Director: Dylan Wiehahn

Howie B. 'Down With The Dawn' music video

Down With The Dawn (2014)

Howie B.

Corey Feldman 'DUH!' music video

DUH! (2014)

Corey Feldman

Director: Tanna Frederick

24Se7en 'Eyes Of A Child' music video

Eyes Of A Child (2014)


Casseurs Flowters 'Fais Les Backs' music video

Fais Les Backs (2014)

Casseurs Flowters

Director: David Tomaszewski

Bombay Bicycle Club 'Feel' music video

Feel (2014)

Bombay Bicycle Club

Director: Sumit Dutt

Nicholas Megalis 'Gummy Money' music video

Gummy Money (2014)

Nicholas Megalis

Director: Nick Gallo

Five Finger Death Punch 'House Of The Rising Sun' music video

House Of The Rising Sun (2014)

Five Finger Death Punch

Director: Brian Neal, Zoltan Bathory

Fefe Dobson 'In Better Hands' music video

In Better Hands (2014)

Fefe Dobson

Director: Aaron A

Weekend 'It's Alright' music video

It's Alright (2014)


Travie McCoy 'Keep On Keeping On' music video

Keep On Keeping On (2014)

Travie McCoy

Phoenix Rising 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2014)

Phoenix Rising

Cayenne No Luck 'Let Her Go' music video

Let Her Go (2014)

Cayenne No Luck

Chris Brown 'Loyal' music video

Loyal (2014)

Chris Brown

Director: Chris Brown

Fear of Men 'Luna' music video

Luna (2014)

Fear of Men

Soulja Boy 'Make It Work' music video

Make It Work (2014)

Soulja Boy

Blitz The Ambassador 'Make You No Forget' music video

Make You No Forget (2014)

Blitz The Ambassador

Jake Bugg 'Messed Up Kids' music video

Messed Up Kids (2014)

Jake Bugg

Director: Andrew Douglas

Black M 'Mme Pavoshko' music video

Mme Pavoshko (2014)

Black M

Sigma 'Nobody To Love' music video

Nobody To Love (2014)


Director: Craig Moore

Giorgia (2) 'Non mi ami' music video

Non mi ami (2014)


Attic Lights 'Orbison' music video

Orbison (2014)

Attic Lights

The Beth Edges 'Pure Dynamite' music video

Pure Dynamite (2014)

The Beth Edges

KOVALCZYK 'Raise Me Up' music video

Raise Me Up (2014)


Honeymilk 'Red Paper Buildings' music video

Red Paper Buildings (2014)


Kelis 'Rumble' music video

Rumble (2014)


Pixies 'Snakes' music video

Snakes (2014)


Director: Mark Locke

Fler 'Stabiler Deutscher' music video

Stabiler Deutscher (2014)


Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks 'Strange Colores' music video

Strange Colores (2014)

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

Director: Olivia Wyatt

The GRTNS 'The Greatness' music video

The Greatness (2014)


The Ramona Flowers 'Tokyo' music video

Tokyo (2014)

The Ramona Flowers

Lasha Kicks 'Toxic' music video

Toxic (2014)

Lasha Kicks

Sleepless 'Vast And Invisible' music video

Vast And Invisible (2014)


Eight Two 'Venus' music video

Venus (2014)

Eight Two