Fast Romantics 'Afterlife Blues' music video

Afterlife Blues (2014)

Fast Romantics

Miranda Lambert 'Automatic' music video

Automatic (2014)

Miranda Lambert

Lindsey Stirling 'Beyond the Veil' music video

Beyond the Veil (2014)

Lindsey Stirling

Jenny Queen 'Blood Meridian' music video

Blood Meridian (2014)

Jenny Queen

Gojira 'Born In Winter' music video

Born In Winter (2014)


Diplo 'Boy Oh Boy' music video

Boy Oh Boy (2014)


For Today 'Break the Cycle' music video

Break the Cycle (2014)

For Today

Director: Frankie Nasso

Pavy 'Caesar's Birth' music video

Caesar's Birth (2014)


Sylvan Esso 'Coffee' music video

Coffee (2014)

Sylvan Esso

Director: Dan Huiting

Jarle Bernhoft 'Come Around' music video

Come Around (2014)

Jarle Bernhoft

Director: Joey Garfield

Sonia Khaleel 'Come Over' music video

Come Over (2014)

Sonia Khaleel

Dente 'Coniugati passeggiare' music video

Coniugati passeggiare (2014)


My Crazy Girlfriend 'Crazy Stupid Love' music video

Crazy Stupid Love (2014)

My Crazy Girlfriend

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Afrojack 'Do Or Die (Remix)' music video

Do Or Die (Remix) (2014)


Rae Morris 'Do You Even Know?' music video

Do You Even Know? (2014)

Rae Morris

Brandon K Curtis 'Don't Quit On Us' music video

Don't Quit On Us (2014)

Brandon K Curtis

The Sunshine Underground 'Don't Stop' music video

Don't Stop (2014)

The Sunshine Underground

Shakira 'Empire' music video

Empire (2014)


Director: Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven, Jeff Nicholas

Broken Twin 'Glimpse of a Time' music video

Glimpse of a Time (2014)

Broken Twin

Director: Jonas Bang

Mr Little Jeans 'Good Mistake' music video

Good Mistake (2014)

Mr Little Jeans

Tokyo Police Club 'Hot Tonight' music video

Hot Tonight (2014)

Tokyo Police Club

Director: Jared Raab

Moosh & Twist 'I Got It' music video

I Got It (2014)

Moosh & Twist

Director: Jakob Owens

DAVIDS 'Iranians' music video

Iranians (2014)


The Julie Ruin 'Just My Kind' music video

Just My Kind (2014)

The Julie Ruin

Lake Lady 'Keep On Keepin' On' music video

Keep On Keepin' On (2014)

Lake Lady

Evil Eyes 'Keep Your Mind On Me' music video

Keep Your Mind On Me (2014)

Evil Eyes

Abakus 'Lights Dub' music video

Lights Dub (2014)


Jhameel 'Lion's Den' music video

Lion's Den (2014)


Director: Kasper Rolf Smits

The Axis of Awesome 'Make The Change (Not Climate Change)' music video

Make The Change (Not Climate Change) (2014)

The Axis of Awesome

Nocando 'Never Looked Better' music video

Never Looked Better (2014)


Memphis May Fire 'No Ordinary Love' music video

No Ordinary Love (2014)

Memphis May Fire

The Saturdays 'Not Giving Up' music video

Not Giving Up (Cahill Remix) (2014)

The Saturdays

Godblesscomputers 'Nothing to Me' music video

Nothing to Me (2014)


Odonis Odonis 'Order in the Court' music video

Order in the Court (2014)

Odonis Odonis

50 Cent 'Pilot' music video

Pilot (2014)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

Small Black 'Real People' music video

Real People (2014)

Small Black

Director: Nick Bentgen

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 'Simple and Sure' music video

Simple and Sure (2014)

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Director: Allie Avital

Howling Bells 'Slowburn' music video

Slowburn (2014)

Howling Bells

Nyzzy Nyce 'Superstar' music video

Superstar (2014)

Nyzzy Nyce

Director: Miles Meyer

Cage The Elephant 'Take It Or Leave It' music video

Take It Or Leave It (2014)

Cage The Elephant

Director: Isaac Rentz

Intervals 'The Escape' music video

The Escape (2014)


Moon Taxi 'The New Black' music video

The New Black (2014)

Moon Taxi

Grant Terry 'Wake Up' music video

Wake Up (2014)

Grant Terry

Southern 'Where The Wild Are' music video

Where The Wild Are (2014)


Skipp Whitman 'Whitman Can't Jump' music video

Whitman Can't Jump (2014)

Skipp Whitman

Locksmith 'Woodchipper' music video

Woodchipper (2014)


Birdy 'Words As Weapons' music video

Words As Weapons (2014)


Director: Sophie Muller

Jesse and Noah 'You Could Have Had It All' music video

You Could Have Had It All (2014)

Jesse and Noah

Fabolous 'Young OG' music video

Young OG (2014)


Director: Gerard Victor