Reptile Youth 'Above' music video

Above (2014)

Reptile Youth

Director: Lasse Martinussen

Napoleon Gold 'Aqua Regia (Royal Water)' music video

Aqua Regia (Royal Water) (2014)

Napoleon Gold

DNKL 'Battles' music video

Battles (2014)


Director: Tim Winter

Mel 'Business Man' music video

Business Man (2014)


Director: Foundation Live

D-Bo 'Compost Interlude' music video

Compost Interlude (2014)


Director: Saoud Khalaf, George Apostolou

Bajofondo 'Cuesta Arriba' music video

Cuesta Arriba (2014)


Director: Boki&Chelo

Shakira 'Dare (La La La)' music video

Dare (La La La) (2014)


Director: Anthony Mandler

Villainettes 'Diamonds' music video

Diamonds (2014)


Deltron 3030 'Do You Remember' music video

Do You Remember (2014)

Deltron 3030

Director: Mohammad Gorjestani

Leisure Cruise 'Double Digit Love' music video

Double Digit Love (2014)

Leisure Cruise

Director: Michael Maxxis

Ringo Deathstarr 'God's Dream' music video

God's Dream (2014)

Ringo Deathstarr

Doomsquad 'Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time)' music video

Head Spirit (For Our Mechanical Time) (2014)


Director: Trevor Blumas

Shakira 'La La La' music video

La La La (Version 1) (2014)


Director: Anthony Mandler

Grouplove 'Let Me In' music video

Let Me In (2014)


Director: Greg Brunkalla

Real Friends 'Loose Ends' music video

Loose Ends (2014)

Real Friends

Choo Jackson 'Marbles' music video

Marbles (2014)

Choo Jackson

hubbabubbaklubb 'Mopedbart' music video

Mopedbart (2014)


Big K.R.I.T. 'Mt Olympus' music video

Mt Olympus (2014)

Big K.R.I.T.

Diggy Simmons 'My Girl' music video

My Girl (2014)

Diggy Simmons

Director: Garen Barsegian

Zoo Owl 'Nemesis' music video

Nemesis (2014)

Zoo Owl

Kid Cas 'New Brunswick' music video

New Brunswick (2014)

Kid Cas

Leverage Models 'Night Falls on the General Assembly' music video

Night Falls on the General Assembly (2014)

Leverage Models

PAWS 'Owls Talons Clenching My Heart' music video

Owls Talons Clenching My Heart (2014)


Flying Lotus 'Phantasm' music video

Phantasm (2014)

Flying Lotus

Angel at My Table 'Set Your Sails' music video

Set Your Sails (2014)

Angel at My Table

Director: Daniel Cummings

Hoodie Allen 'Show Me What You're Made Of' music video

Show Me What You're Made Of (2014)

Hoodie Allen

Seahaven 'Silhouette (Latin Skin)' music video

Silhouette (Latin Skin) (2014)


Director: Kyle Soto

MØ 'Slow Love' music video

Slow Love (2014)

Trim 'Vending Machine' music video

Vending Machine (2014)


Rat & Co 'Vocal Insanity' music video

Vocal Insanity (2014)

Rat & Co

Director: Ribal Swang

Jay Brown 'We Are The People' music video

We Are The People (2014)

Jay Brown

Lana del Rey 'West Coast' music video

West Coast (2014)

Lana del Rey

Director: Vincent Haycock

Gentle Friendly 'Wild Grass' music video

Wild Grass (2014)

Gentle Friendly

Antonia 'Wild Horses' music video

Wild Horses (2014)


Imelda May 'Wild Woman' music video

Wild Woman (2014)

Imelda May