Lancelot 'Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent' music video

Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent (2014)


Harrison 'Akira' music video

Akira (2014)


Ricki-Lee 'All We Need Is Love' music video

All We Need Is Love (2014)


Director: Melvin J. Montalban

Timeflies 'Beast' music video

Beast (2014)


Beartooth 'Beaten In Lips' music video

Beaten In Lips (2014)


Director: Drew Russ

Zara Larsson 'Carry You Home' music video

Carry You Home (2014)

Zara Larsson

The Band Perry 'Chainsaw' music video

Chainsaw (2014)

The Band Perry

Director: David McClister

A$AP Ant 'Chiraq Freestyle' music video

Chiraq Freestyle (2014)

A$AP Ant

The Underachievers 'Chrysalis' music video

Chrysalis (2014)

The Underachievers

Portugnol Connection 'Dans La Rue' music video

Dans La Rue (2014)

Portugnol Connection

Agnes Obel 'Dorian' music video

Dorian (2014)

Agnes Obel

Dierks Bentley 'Drunk On A Plane' music video

Drunk On A Plane (2014)

Dierks Bentley

Director: Wes Edwards

Sharon Van Etten 'Every Time The Sun Comes Up' music video

Every Time The Sun Comes Up (2014)

Sharon Van Etten

Director: David Scott Kessler

White Lung 'Face Down' music video

Face Down (2014)

White Lung

Director: Pierce McGravy

The And 'Fade In Time' music video

Fade In Time (2014)

The And

Mizgin 'Get You Off' music video

Get You Off (2014)


Waking Aida 'Glow Coin' music video

Glow Coin (2014)

Waking Aida

The Ready Set 'Higher' music video

Higher (2014)

The Ready Set

Ulrich Forman 'I Got You' music video

I Got You (2014)

Ulrich Forman

Kill It Kid 'I'll Be The First' music video

I'll Be The First (2014)

Kill It Kid

Director: Franck Trebillac

Futuristic 'In The Zone' music video

In The Zone (2014)


CymcoLé 'Let Me Go' music video

Let Me Go (2014)


Yung Jake 'Look' music video

Look (2014)

Yung Jake

Director: Yung Jake

Plaid 'Matin Lunaire' music video

Matin Lunaire (2014)


Kreesha Turner 'MJ' music video

MJ (2014)

Kreesha Turner

Damon Albarn 'Mr Tembo' music video

Mr Tembo (2014)

Damon Albarn

Director: Giorgio Testi

First Aid Kit 'My Silver Lining' music video

My Silver Lining (2014)

First Aid Kit

Director: Elliott Sellers

Jacques Greene 'Night Tracking' music video

Night Tracking (2014)

Jacques Greene

Bury Tomorrow 'Of Glory' music video

Of Glory (2014)

Bury Tomorrow

Director: Tom J Cronin

M&O 'RUN!' music video

RUN! (2014)


Little Comets 'Salt' music video

Salt (2014)

Little Comets

RuPaul 'Sissy That Walk' music video

Sissy That Walk (2014)


Director: Steven Corfe

Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser 'Son of the Light' music video

Son of the Light (2014)

Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser

Miguelito 'Suga Suga' music video

Suga Suga (2014)


Fucked Up 'Sun Glass' music video

Sun Glass (2014)

Fucked Up

Director: Andy Capper

The Dumplings 'Technicolor Yawn' music video

Technicolor Yawn (2014)

The Dumplings

Coldrain 'The War Is On' music video

The War Is On (2014)


Grumby 'Used 2 Want U' music video

Used 2 Want U (2014)


Alta 'Wash It Down' music video

Wash It Down (2014)


Bridie Jackson and The Arbour 'We Talked Again' music video

We Talked Again (2014)

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

KAPTN 'What You Want' music video

What You Want (2014)


50 Cent 'Winners Circle' music video

Winners Circle (2014)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

The Wytches 'Wire Frame Mattress' music video

Wire Frame Mattress (2014)

The Wytches

Director: Steve Gullick

clipping. 'Work Work' music video

Work Work (2014)


Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada

DJ Tennis 'You Closed my Eyes' music video

You Closed my Eyes (2014)

DJ Tennis