Hauschka 'Agdam' music video

Agdam (2014)


Ron 'America' music video

America (2014)


Director: Marco Donazzan, Luca Donazzan, Lorenzo Milan

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 'As Always' music video

As Always (2014)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Director: David M. Helman

Sea Change 'Bridges' music video

Bridges (2014)

Sea Change

Director: Marie Hjelmerud

Huba & Silica 'Craze' music video

Craze (2014)

Huba & Silica

Cam'ron & A-Trak 'Dipshits' music video

Dipshits (2014)

Cam'ron & A-Trak

FAD 'Dream In Dream' music video

Dream In Dream (2014)


Regulo Caro 'El Escudo del Chavo' music video

El Escudo del Chavo (2014)

Regulo Caro

Director: Omar Torres, Edwin Castro

Previously A Woman 'Everything Is In Between' music video

Everything Is In Between (2014)

Previously A Woman

Vanna Vee 'Fever' music video

Fever (2014)

Vanna Vee

All About Kane 'Fireworks' music video

Fireworks (2014)

All About Kane

Il Pan del Diavolo 'FolkRockaBoom' music video

FolkRockaBoom (2014)

Il Pan del Diavolo

Director: Sterven Jonger

Hockeysmith 'Hesitate' music video

Hesitate (2014)


Young Magic 'Holographic' music video

Holographic (2014)

Young Magic

Director: Johann Rashid

Bliss n Eso 'I Am Somebody' music video

I Am Somebody (2014)

Bliss n Eso

DIAMANTE 'Impossible' music video

Impossible (2014)


Moulettes 'Lady Vengeance' music video

Lady Vengeance (2014)


John Hancock 'Left Me' music video

Left Me (2014)

John Hancock

Monarchy 'Living Without You' music video

Living Without You (2014)


Director: Robin Antiga, Jimmy Ahlander

Arc Iris 'Lost On Me' music video

Lost On Me (2014)

Arc Iris

Michael Jackson 'Love Never Felt So Good' music video

Love Never Felt So Good (2014)

Michael Jackson

Director: Rich Lee, Justin Timberlake

Mandolin Orange 'Morphine Girl' music video

Morphine Girl (2014)

Mandolin Orange

Xiu Xiu 'New Life Immigration' music video

New Life Immigration (2014)

Xiu Xiu

Director: Aaron Mirkin

Little Shoes Big Voice 'Nightfall' music video

Nightfall (2014)

Little Shoes Big Voice

Director: Tom Wakeling

Daniella Watters 'No One Can Love Me Better' music video

No One Can Love Me Better (2014)

Daniella Watters

Syria 'Odiare' music video

Odiare (2014)


Director: Flavio Caruso

Tycho 'See' music video

See (Version 1) (2014)


Director: Bradley G Munkowitz

Pictureplane 'Self Control' music video

Self Control (2014)


Director: Pictureplane, Shomi Patwary

Two Tone 'Señorita' music video

Señorita (2014)

Two Tone

Director: Power Quevedo

Isabel Broox 'SLEEP' music video

SLEEP (2014)

Isabel Broox

Le1f 'Sup' music video

Sup (2014)


Director: Jesse Miller-Gordon

Soulja Boy 'Swagg Like Me' music video

Swagg Like Me (2014)

Soulja Boy

Keldamuzik 'That's Why' music video

That's Why (2014)


Colourmusic 'The Duchess' music video

The Duchess (2014)


Panic! at the Disco 'This Is Gospel (Piano Version)' music video

This Is Gospel (Piano Version) (2014)

Panic! at the Disco

Director: Mel Soria

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 'Until The Sun Explodes' music video

Until The Sun Explodes (2014)

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Haunted Hearts 'Up Is Up But So Is Down' music video

Up Is Up But So Is Down (2014)

Haunted Hearts

Director: Scott Kiernan

Bloods 'Want It' music video

Want It (2014)


Guordan Banks 'We Might Die' music video

We Might Die (Director's Cut (Both Perspectives)) (2014)

Guordan Banks

Phon.o 'Whi5tleblower' music video

Whi5tleblower (2014)


Director: Christian Korndörfer

Priyanka Pripri 'Wild Tears' music video

Wild Tears (2014)

Priyanka Pripri