Pop-A-Lot '10 Crucifixes' music video

10 Crucifixes (2014)


Kap Kallous '1000 Times' music video

1000 Times (2014)

Kap Kallous

B. Cooper '1994' music video

1994 (2014)

B. Cooper

!!! 'AM/FM' music video

AM/FM (2014)


Coldrain 'Aware and Awake' music video

Aware and Awake (2014)


SHO 'Back In September' music video

Back In September (2014)


Smoke Season 'Badlands' music video

Badlands (2014)

Smoke Season

David Gray 'Beautiful Agony' music video

Beautiful Agony (2014)

David Gray

Shintaro Sakamoto 'Birth Of The Super Cult' music video

Birth Of The Super Cult (2014)

Shintaro Sakamoto

Marmozets 'Captivate You' music video

Captivate You (2014)


Director: Phil Poole

Ensi 'Change' music video

Change (2014)


Director: Dxz

Santana & Wyclef 'Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)' music video

Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way) (2014)

Santana & Wyclef

Whiskey Myers 'Dogwood' music video

Dogwood (2014)

Whiskey Myers

Tusks 'Dreamcatcher' music video

Dreamcatcher (2014)


Pyramid Vritra 'Eleven12' music video

Eleven12 (2014)

Pyramid Vritra

Marissa Nadler 'Firecrackers' music video

Firecrackers (2014)

Marissa Nadler

Kiesza 'Giant In My Heart' music video

Giant In My Heart (2014)


Director: Rami Samir Afuni

Tye Tribbett 'He Turned It' music video

He Turned It (2014)

Tye Tribbett

Director: Brian Kyle Atkins

BLOOMS 'If I' music video

If I (2014)


The Yearning 'If I Can't Have You' music video

If I Can't Have You (2014)

The Yearning

Electric Wire Hustle 'If These Are The Last Days' music video

If These Are The Last Days (2014)

Electric Wire Hustle

Watsky 'Ink Don't Bleed' music video

Ink Don't Bleed (2014)


Director: Jackson Adams

NONONO 'Jungle' music video

Jungle (2014)


Director: Amir Chamdin

SKIP&DIE 'Jungle Riot' music video

Jungle Riot (2014)


Hyde & Beast 'Keep Moving' music video

Keep Moving (2014)

Hyde & Beast

Marz Leon 'L O N E R' music video

L O N E R (2014)

Marz Leon

Arthur H 'La Caissière Du Super' music video

La Caissière Du Super (2014)

Arthur H

Director: Gaëtan Chataigner

Remember Remember 'La Mayo' music video

La Mayo (2014)

Remember Remember

Maxim Maillet 'LADYBOY' music video

LADYBOY (2014)

Maxim Maillet

Alexis Houston 'Light' music video

Light (2014)

Alexis Houston

Mario Abrams 'Love Like This' music video

Love Like This (2014)

Mario Abrams

Anushka 'Mansions' music video

Mansions (2014)


Maroon 5 'Maps' music video

Maps (2014)

Maroon 5

Director: Peter Berg

The Peach Kings 'Mojo Thunder' music video

Mojo Thunder (2014)

The Peach Kings

De Lux 'Moments' music video

Moments (2014)

De Lux

Director: Zach Wechter, Cameron Dutra, Spencer Creigh

Boreals 'Nage' music video

Nage (2014)


Baha Men 'Night & Day' music video

Night & Day (2014)

Baha Men

Director: Lavado Stubbs

Broken Twin 'No Darkness' music video

No Darkness (2014)

Broken Twin

Sola 'Old Thing' music video

Old Thing (2014)


Hundreds 'Our Past' music video

Our Past (2014)


Director: Monica Sender

Z. Konketsuji 'Peace to My Lovers' music video

Peace to My Lovers (2014)

Z. Konketsuji

Rob Cantor 'Perfect' music video

Perfect (29 Celebrity Impressions) (2014)

Rob Cantor

Director: Rob Cantor

DJ Paul Elstak 'Raving Beats' music video

Raving Beats (2014)

DJ Paul Elstak

La Garfield 'Sending Love' music video

Sending Love (2014)

La Garfield

Me And My Friends 'Take Up' music video

Take Up (2014)

Me And My Friends

Imogen Heap 'The Listening Chair' music video

The Listening Chair (2014)

Imogen Heap

Director: Imogen Heap, Alexander Goodman

The Jezabels 'Time To Dance' music video

Time To Dance (2014)

The Jezabels

Director: Alec Sutherland

Major Chord 'Transition' music video

Transition (2014)

Major Chord

Eels 'Trouble With Dreams' music video

Trouble With Dreams (2014)


David Bisbal 'Tú Y Yo' music video

Tú Y Yo (2014)

David Bisbal

Sailor & I 'Turn Around' music video

Turn Around (2014)

Sailor & I

Director: Anders Abrahamsson, Simon Mulk

Brandon Beal 'Twerk It Like Miley' music video

Twerk It Like Miley (2014)

Brandon Beal

G.R.L. 'Ugly Heart' music video

Ugly Heart (2014)


Director: Chris Marrs Piliero

Starling Glow 'We Are Infinite' music video

We Are Infinite (2014)

Starling Glow

Starling Glow 'We Are Infinite' music video

We Are Infinite (2014)

Starling Glow

Ashea 'Whatchu Thinkin' music video

Whatchu Thinkin (2014)


Sufjan Stevens 'Year Of The Tiger' music video

Year Of The Tiger (2014)

Sufjan Stevens

Suicide Silence 'You Can't Stop Me' music video

You Can't Stop Me (2014)

Suicide Silence

Director: Nathan Cox

Marcus Alan Ward 'You Do' music video

You Do (2014)

Marcus Alan Ward