Lizzle '2 EZ' music video

2 EZ (2014)


Animal Eyes 'Bender' music video

Bender (2014)

Animal Eyes

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden 'Blue Hotel' music video

Blue Hotel (2014)

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden

Alexandra Stan 'Dance' music video

Dance (2014)

Alexandra Stan

Director: Khaled Mokhtar

Runtown 'Domot' music video

Domot (2014)


Fun In The Sun (2014)

Ashton Taylor

Four Year Strong 'Go Down In History' music video

Go Down In History (2014)

Four Year Strong

Patton Leatha 'Gold' music video

Gold (2014)

Patton Leatha

Rapper Sjors 'Gratis Wiet' music video

Gratis Wiet (2014)

Rapper Sjors

Kidz Bop Kids 'Happy' music video

Happy (2014)

Kidz Bop Kids

Juju 'Hullu' music video

Hullu (2014)


Jessika 'Hypnotica' music video

Hypnotica (2014)


Director: Luke Borg

The Sanke Oil Willie Band 'I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore' music video

I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore (2014)

The Sanke Oil Willie Band

The Sunmeet 'I Want More' music video

I Want More (2014)

The Sunmeet

Hopsin 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7' music video

Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7 (2014)


Director: Hopsin

Marlene 'Indian Summer' music video

Indian Summer (2014)


Director: SIKOW

Betty Stoian 'Intr-o Secunda' music video

Intr-o Secunda (2014)

Betty Stoian

Bop 'Lucid Dreaming' music video

Lucid Dreaming (2014)


Director: Kenny Frankland

Antwon 'Metro Nome' music video

Metro Nome (2014)


Director: Ramez Silyan

Matt Hunter Correa 'Mi Chica Esta Loca' music video

Mi Chica Esta Loca (2014)

Matt Hunter Correa

Sam Tsui 'Next Best Thing' music video

Next Best Thing (2014)

Sam Tsui

Camilo Séptimo 'No Confíes En Mí' music video

No Confíes En Mí (2014)

Camilo Séptimo

Director: Rodrigo Bonilla

Petite Meller 'NYC Time' music video

NYC Time (2014)

Petite Meller

Director: A.T.Mann, Napoleon Habeica

Lucki Eck$ 'Ouch Ouch' music video

Ouch Ouch (2014)

Lucki Eck$

Director: FKA Twigs

Korry Deez 'Pilin' Papers' music video

Pilin' Papers (2014)

Korry Deez

Luna Aura 'Radio' music video

Radio (2014)

Luna Aura

Decide Your Betrayal 'Sacrilege' music video

Sacrilege (2014)

Decide Your Betrayal

Juicy J 'Scholarship' music video

Scholarship (2014)

Juicy J

Hammock 'Sinking Inside Yourself' music video

Sinking Inside Yourself (2014)


Weird Al Yankovic 'Sports Song' music video

Sports Song (2014)

Weird Al Yankovic

Director: Andy Bush, Brad Schulz, Weird Al Yankovic

Anberlin 'Stranger Ways' music video

Stranger Ways (2014)


Director: Daniel Davison

Young Stadium Club 'The Sun' music video

The Sun (2014)

Young Stadium Club

Patton Leatha 'Treasure' music video

Treasure (2014)

Patton Leatha

Connect-R 'Tren de noapte' music video

Tren de noapte (2014)


Director: Dan Petcan

J. Alvarez 'Tu Cuerpo Pide Fiesta' music video

Tu Cuerpo Pide Fiesta (2014)

J. Alvarez

Lil Crazed 'Twerk' music video

Twerk (2014)

Lil Crazed

Owl City 'Wolf Bite' music video

Wolf Bite (2014)

Owl City

Director: Andrew William Ralph

Lil' Debbie 'Work The Middle' music video

Work The Middle (2014)

Lil' Debbie

Director: Louie Gibson, Joe Dietsch