Outasight 'Anchor Down' music video

Anchor Down (2014)


Director: Chris Coats

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga 'Anything Goes' music video

Anything Goes (2014)

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Director: Nicole Ehrlich, Harvey White

BANKS 'Beggin For Thread' music video

Beggin For Thread (2014)


Director: Barnaby Roper

The Brooklyn Boys 'Brooklyn Boys' music video

Brooklyn Boys (2014)

The Brooklyn Boys

Hilary Duff 'Chasing The Sun' music video

Chasing The Sun (2014)

Hilary Duff

Director: Declan Whitebloom

Anderson .Paak 'Drugs' music video

Drugs (2014)

Anderson .Paak

Leilani Wolfgramm 'Empty' music video

Empty (2014)

Leilani Wolfgramm

Director: David Black

Our Last Night 'Falling Away' music video

Falling Away (2014)

Our Last Night

Linkin Park 'Final Masquerade' music video

Final Masquerade (2014)

Linkin Park

Director: Mark Pellington

Pin Tweaks 'Girl On The Wire' music video

Girl On The Wire (2014)

Pin Tweaks

The Phoenix Philosophy 'Going Down Swinging' music video

Going Down Swinging (2014)

The Phoenix Philosophy

New Seminoles 'Gotta Make It To The Top' music video

Gotta Make It To The Top (2014)

New Seminoles

Super Saturated Sugar Strings 'Haunted' music video

Haunted (2014)

Super Saturated Sugar Strings

Beck 'Heart Is A Drum' music video

Heart Is A Drum (2014)


Director: Sophie Muller

Saint Raymond 'I Want You' music video

I Want You (2014)

Saint Raymond

Director: Niall O'Brien

We Are The Riot 'It's Not What You Wanted' music video

It's Not What You Wanted (2014)

We Are The Riot

Elina Arlin 'Jealousy' music video

Jealousy (2014)

Elina Arlin

Witt Lowry 'Kindest Regards' music video

Kindest Regards (2014)

Witt Lowry

Director: Mike Squires, Mark Richard Jr.

Son Lux 'Lanterns Lit' music video

Lanterns Lit (2014)

Son Lux

Director: SJ Finlay

Feral Conservatives 'Little Pieces' music video

Little Pieces (2014)

Feral Conservatives

Asher Monroe 'Lonely Island' music video

Lonely Island (2014)

Asher Monroe

Director: Gomillion & Leupold

Hercules & Love Affair 'My Offence' music video

My Offence (2014)

Hercules & Love Affair

Director: Matt Lambert

Ray J 'Never Shoulda Did That' music video

Never Shoulda Did That (2014)

Ray J

Calle 13 'Ojos Color Sol' music video

Ojos Color Sol (2014)

Calle 13

Director: Kacho López Mari, René Pérez Joglar

Liam Bailey 'On My Mind' music video

On My Mind (2014)

Liam Bailey

Director: Michael Holyk

Mystery Skulls 'Paralyzed' music video

Paralyzed (2014)

Mystery Skulls

Director: Bo Mirhosseni

Yandel 'Plakito' music video

Plakito (2014)


Director: Fernando Lugo

Reba McEntire 'Pray For Peace' music video

Pray For Peace (2014)

Reba McEntire

Director: Justin Mcintosh

Keith Jenkins 'QUINOA' music video

QUINOA (2014)

Keith Jenkins

Director: Keith Jenkins

Shift Work 'Scaled To Fit' music video

Scaled To Fit (2014)

Shift Work

Schipes 'Schipes & So (Harmony City Anthem)' music video

Schipes & So (Harmony City Anthem) (2014)


Juicy J 'Shell Shocked' music video

Shell Shocked (2014)

Juicy J

Olamide 'Story For the Gods' music video

Story For the Gods (2014)


Hunter Hayes 'Tattoo' music video

Tattoo (2014)

Hunter Hayes

Aesthetic Perfection 'The New Black' music video

The New Black (2014)

Aesthetic Perfection

Danielle Fricke 'The Well' music video

The Well (2014)

Danielle Fricke

The Lees of Memory 'We Are Siamese' music video

We Are Siamese (2014)

The Lees of Memory

PRTY H3RO 'Young & Shameless' music video

Young & Shameless (2014)