Chuddy K '#080' music video

#080 (2014)

Chuddy K

Trubz 'Beautiful Demon' music video

Beautiful Demon (2014)


MonCherie 'Billy Billy Boom Boom' music video

Billy Billy Boom Boom (2014)


Black Asteroid 'Black Moon' music video

Black Moon (2014)

Black Asteroid

Charli XCX 'Breaking Up' music video

Breaking Up (2014)

Charli XCX

Thomas Arya 'Bunga Jalanan' music video

Bunga Jalanan (2014)

Thomas Arya

Is Tropical 'Crawl' music video

Crawl (2014)

Is Tropical

Director: Simon Milner

Intocable 'Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy)' music video

Culpable Fui (Culpable Soy) (2014)


The Slow Readers Club 'Days Like This Will Break Your Heart' music video

Days Like This Will Break Your Heart (2014)

The Slow Readers Club

Thomas Arya 'Diary Cinta' music video

Diary Cinta (2014)

Thomas Arya

Larkin Poe 'Don't' music video

Don't (2014)

Larkin Poe

Director: Evan Kaufmann

Aaron Cohen 'Dreams Money Can't Buy' music video

Dreams Money Can't Buy (2014)

Aaron Cohen

Hannah Peel 'Find Peace' music video

Find Peace (2014)

Hannah Peel

MonCherie 'Flex' music video

Flex (2014)


Bass Drum Of Death 'For Blood' music video

For Blood (2014)

Bass Drum Of Death

Rosie Lowe 'How'd You Like It' music video

How'd You Like It (2014)

Rosie Lowe

Director: Us

Destiny 'I Feel Alive' music video

I Feel Alive (2014)


Director: Bryan Albright

Naomi Pilgrim 'It's All Good' music video

It's All Good (2014)

Naomi Pilgrim

Stockholm Syndrome (3) 'Kalabalik' music video

Kalabalik (2014)

Stockholm Syndrome

Thomas Arya 'Kenangan Dan Luka' music video

Kenangan Dan Luka (2014)

Thomas Arya

Thomas Arya 'Kerinduan' music video

Kerinduan (2014)

Thomas Arya

Tesla Boy 'Keyboards & Synths' music video

Keyboards & Synths (2014)

Tesla Boy

Thomas Arya 'Langkah' music video

Langkah (2014)

Thomas Arya

ANKOR 'Last Song For Venus' music video

Last Song For Venus (2014)


Citizens! 'Lighten Up' music video

Lighten Up (2014)


Marka Akme 'Linda' music video

Linda (2014)

Marka Akme

Travis Scott 'Mamacita' music video

Mamacita (2014)

Travis Scott

Director: Grant Singer

Kate Pierson 'Mister Sister' music video

Mister Sister (2014)

Kate Pierson

Director: Monica Coleman

Max Pezzali 'Natale con Deejay' music video

Natale con Deejay (2014)

Max Pezzali

Run The Jewels 'Oh My Darling (Don't Cry)' music video

Oh My Darling (Don't Cry) (2014)

Run The Jewels

Director: Timothy Saccenti

Daddy Yankee 'Palabras Con Sentido' music video

Palabras Con Sentido (2014)

Daddy Yankee

Director: Javi Ferrer

FlexFab 'Peter Fly' music video

Peter Fly (2014)


Burgundy Blood 'Phil Coffins' music video

Phil Coffins (2014)

Burgundy Blood

Katie Gately 'Pivot' music video

Pivot (2014)

Katie Gately

Bite The Buffalo 'Polka Dots' music video

Polka Dots (2014)

Bite The Buffalo

Hookworms 'Radio Tokyo' music video

Radio Tokyo (2014)


Froggy Fresh 'Reindeer Games' music video

Reindeer Games (2014)

Froggy Fresh

Thomas Arya 'Rindu Kekasih' music video

Rindu Kekasih (2014)

Thomas Arya

MRK 'River of Blood' music video

River of Blood (2014)


Thomas Arya 'Selat Malaka' music video

Selat Malaka (2014)

Thomas Arya

Resh 'Silent Generation' music video

Silent Generation (2014)


Gwen Stefani 'Spark The Fire' music video

Spark The Fire (2014)

Gwen Stefani

Director: Sophie Muller

Thomas Arya 'Tangisan Tak Bersuara' music video

Tangisan Tak Bersuara (2014)

Thomas Arya

Straight No Chaser 'Text Me Merry Christmas' music video

Text Me Merry Christmas (2014)

Straight No Chaser

RÉN 'Time' music video

Time (2014)


Mikky Ekko 'Time' music video

Time (2014)

Mikky Ekko

Gary Clark Jr. 'When My Train Pulls In' music video

When My Train Pulls In (2014)

Gary Clark Jr.

Director: Carmela Makela

Night Terrors of 1927 'When You Were Mine' music video

When You Were Mine (2014)

Night Terrors of 1927

Director: Warren Kommers

Jessie Ware 'You & I (Forever)' music video

You & I (Forever) (2014)

Jessie Ware

Director: Adam Powell